Friday, June 18, 2010

Tony Hayward Still Running Things At BP

There have been numerous reports that BP chairman Tony Hayward was removed from the day to day running of things for BP. This was a bit of a misunderstanding. It was previously reported that Mr. Hayward would be handing over the day to day operation to Bob Dudley (who is an American), and that will happen as previously reported, just not immediately.

BP Chairman Carl-Henric Svanberg (he of the small people quote) is the one who spoke with reporters about this yesterday, but today BP has clarified Mr Svanberg's comments.

It would seem that Mr. Svanberg has the same foot in mouth disease that Mr. Hayward has, which is no doubt why they are opting to eventually turn the reins over to Mr. Dudley.

Another reason I believe Mr. Dudley was chosen to take over is that he is from Mississippi and will be looked upon more favorably than either Mr. Hayward or Mr. Svanberg have been.

I'm sure that Mr. Svanberg is looking forward to getting back to his sailing trip which was interupted for him to come to the U.S. to meet with President Obama, and we all know that Mr. Hayward really wants to get back to his life in the UK where he can enjoy the fruits of his labor. Just weeks prior to the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, Mr. Hayward cashed out about 1/3 of his stocks and avoided the massive fall of value that others outside the company who were unaware of the issues the Deepwater Horizon was having.

So while it would be nice to not have to see Mr. I Want My Life Back aka Mr. I Don't Recall or Mr. We Love The Small People, we are stuck with them for now it seems, although I suspect that despite the fact that Mr. Dudley hails from Mississippi, he will be of the same calibur as the other two, because as we've come to know in the last few months, BP is not known for its concern towards the people whose lives have been ruined due to their poor safety record and their greed.

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