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What You Can Do To Help In The Gulf Even If You Cannot Make It There **Updated**

CNN put together this wonderful list of things that you can do to help if you are unable to go to the Gulf and physically help.

Adopt a pelican
It is heart-wrenching to watch birds drenched with oil. The International Bird Rescue Research Center, which picks up oiled birds, cleans and rehabilitates them, is asking for support for its 23-member team of bird-rescue experts.
The organization allows individuals to donate or adopt a bird. Adopting a pelican, for example, costs $200, which will go to the cost of raising and eventually releasing the bird.
The organization’s team is working with the Tri-State Bird Rescue, setting up rehabilitation centers in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. Birds that are cleaned – it takes almost an hour to clean a single oiled pelican – and rehabilitated are then released in oil-free areas chosen by federal and state trustee agency personnel and the International Bird Rescue Research Center. The Tri-State Bird Rescue is also taking donations and adoptions.
Tweet, blog, update
The National Wildlife Federation is asking for support from those who aren’t able to volunteer or donate by spreading their cause via social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.
For example, they are asking Twitter users to tweet and retweet messages with the #NWF tag. There is a Facebook fan page, and users can support the Wildlife Federation by setting up a “birthday cause.” Instead of getting presents from friends, you can direct them to donate to the organization of choice.
The organization also has created web banners that blog users can embed on their sites that will take readers to the wildlife federation website, which urges readers to volunteer or donate.
Each $10 donation will go toward dispatching teams to monitor the coast for wildlife hurt by the spill, restoring nesting grounds, public education and policy work.
Donate to help fishermen and the Louisiana seafood industry is asking for donations to help families and businesses in the Gulf most affected by the disaster. With more than 30 percent of the waters closed to fishing, the site claims that a good portion of the fishing industry will be affected.
All donations will go to the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Foundation, in partnership with the Louisiana Seafood Board, and the America’s WETLAND Foundation, which heads the “Campaign to Save Coastal Louisiana” project.
Write a letter
Donations aside, the Audubon Action Center is asking for people to write to their senators and members of Congress to support President Obama’s proposed 2011 budget, which includes $35.6 million for larger coastal restoration projects. The site has a suggested letter that can be edited and sent out.
Part of it states: “We have an opportunity to create jobs, work to mitigate the impacts of this tragic oil spill, and again rebuild the critical coastal marshlands that nurture a significant Gulf of Mexico fishing industry, and buffer the Louisiana coast and its communities from storms and other threats.”
Donate hair
Matter of Trust, a nonprofit organization that looks at how to recycle surplus materials such as hair, is asking for salons, pet owners, farmers and “hairy people,” to donate their locks, fur, fleece, feathers, nylons and such.
These fibers, the company says, are efficient materials for collecting and containing oil spills. Collected fibers are stuffed into recycled nylons and covered in mesh to make booms. “Every type of hair is fine (straight, curly, all colors, dyed, permed, straightened...) but only head hair,” the organization’s website says.
Leave a word of condolence
While all are focused on containment and cleanup efforts, there were lives lost in this disaster. Eleven workers died in the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon on April 20. Transocean has a condolence page on its website for people to leave memories and photos to remember those who died.
What You Can Do To Help Even If You Can't Make It There

Other Organizations where you might be able to help:

Mobile Bay National Estuary Program:

Louisiana Gulf Response Team:

Hands On New Orleans:

Remember that this disaster is not over when the well is capped.  The oil will be coming ashore for months and months even after the oil has stopped gushing into the Gulf.  There will be a great need for help, so do what you can, even if it means just spreading the word.  We are facing an ecological and economic nightmare that will affect many.  Our country, our people, our wildlife & sea life and our environment need all the help they can get.  

More information on ways you can help (I will update this whenever I get new information on ways to help):

 Anyone in the Mississippi area can contact the city of Biloxi and leave contact information through an online form. Volunteers will be notified as soon as opportunities to help have been organized.

 The Wildlife Sanctuary of Northwest Florida is also seeking donations and volunteers as it prepares for the arrival of affected birds and other animals. Learn more at
• Matter of Trust is a San Francisco-based nonprofit that’s been accepting donations of debris-free pet fur and human hair since 1998 to craft oil-absorbing hairmats. Their website offers instructions for hair donors.
 The Nature Conservancy is seeking donations and messengers. Telling your friends about what's a stake in the Gulf is critical to the group's efforts, according to Conservancy President Mark Tercek.

 The Alabama Coastal Foundation is currently accepting donations for clean-up efforts at their website, Volunteers should send their contact information including name, e-mail address and phone number to
 Mobile Baykeeper says the best way to help now — before the oil hits the shoreline — is by picking up litter and debris. “If you can get to your favorite shoreline today or tomorrow you can help speed up the clean up process,” officials said. Volunteers will be trained and organized for the cleanup process in the days and weeks to follow; call (251) 433-4229 to sign up.
 The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana has joined with partners on the local, state and federal level to start registering volunteers. Sign up at

This link takes you to a page that has a listing of charities & their ratings as links to them for additional ways to help:  Charity Navigator


  1. Thanks for posting these Eye. I've been wondering what I can do to help. Now I see.
    Also wanted to thank your for all your hard work writing these posts on the spill. You've done a fantastic job!
    Keep Pluggin'!

  2. Thanks for compiling all of this. I will post what I can and send people to your blog for sure. It is important that we find a way to contribute in a positive way when we feel so frustrated and saddened by this disaster in the Gulf. Good job!

  3. Eye, just reposting a comment at HP you might be interested in.

    I will continue to post this and hound the "decision makers" until they prove to me it won't work or they agree to try it.
    It may be possible to stop the oil leak with "off the shelf" technology. I use the word "possible" with reservations but anything that is possible must at the very least be considered.
    My brother and fellow HP poster, DLBSR owns an oil and gas production company. We have been discussing the situation in the Gulf for weeks and trying to obtain any information possible with respect to depths, tubing size, pressures, flow rates, wellhead design, valve locations and sizes as well as types of valves. Most of the sought after information is not being shared with the public.
    That said, it may be possible to stop this spill by hot tapping the tubing string and installing a "short stop" plug through a "Stopple" device. Yes. it is possible to do this on the sea bed, it has been done before by the T.D. Williamson Company. As a young engineer working with my brother another life ago, I used this equipment when it was a new "low / medium pressure" capability in the industry. I understand the technology has evolved including pressure and size capacities
    Here is a link to the T.D. Willaimson Company and a description of the "stopple" equipment.
    I have provided this information to BP, the USCG, and the WH. This far, NOTA!

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    Charity Navigator

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  6. Anon, re the Huffpo posting. If you can post at Huffpo (I can't as they screwed up my account and I have been unable to get a response from anyone there to get it corrected) let that person know that on twitter there is a gentleman going by the handle of jgrindal who is a consultant on the Oil Spill (he was on the rig for a while) and he might be a good one to contact to forward that information as he could possibly get it into the correct hands.

  7. Hey Eye...if your talking to me (anon), it's ME Aview999 - just so you know.
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    No need to approve THIS comment, as I just wanted you to see what I posted:

    To the fellow poster, who he and his brother DLBSR are Regulars here at HuffPo - and who linked to the T.D. Willaimson Company this morning, I have a friend who wants to get the following Info to you:

    "there is a gentleman going by the handle of jgrindal who is a consultant on the Oil Spill (he was on the rig for a while) and he might be a good one to contact to forward that information as he could possibly get it into the correct hands.

    My friend is having trouble with her acct here so she can't post - but wanted to get this INFO TO YOU ASAP.

    Friend has done extensive research on the Spill here:
    Stand Up For Our Nation

    If anyone else knows this guy and his brother DLBSR....PLEASE PASS THE MESSAGE TO THEM.

    (not the greatest...but worth a shot. Hope your HP acct gets fixed SOON!)

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    I don't expect that Huffpo will fix anything on my account there. I created it in Aug of last year and despite repeated attempts to contact them, I have never gotten an answer from anyone. As soon as I created the account I went to log in and it said my password was incorrect. I had them resend it and I was using the correct one so there is nothing I can do.

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    A View? You said you know someone who wants to help?
    Here is a link just tweeted:

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  16. Thanks crystal. I passed the link on. It's a good one.