Thursday, October 22, 2009

Inside the Mind of the Palin Fan

While I am sure that you are well aware of the odd assortment of people who make up the Sarah Palin fandom, I thought you might enjoy this little walk through the village of crazy:

I always enjoy reading the blogs of those who are dedicated die hard Sarah Palin fans because they are uniquely entertaining in their devotion and delusions. They truly believe she is a political heavyweight and don’t question the policy pieces being posted on face book as her own, when they obviously are not, nor are they written by her as we have seen the way she speaks and her “I Quit” speech was a very good indication that she writes just like she speaks. Scrambled thoughts, disjointed sentences, lack of proper grammar usage, and the inability to stay on message for more than a moment or two.

Now, I’ve said for a while now that her “fans” are more in line with groupies or cult members than they are supporters of a politician with whom they agree. Their dedication is total and complete, allowing no dissent to be heard or even discussed, and should you attempt to voice concerns you are immediately attacked from all sides for not having enough faith in her and her decisions, and you will be forever questioned on any opinion you offer thereafter.

The examples of comedy are endless, but some which I thought you might enjoy reading are as follows.
One of her supporters called “Whitney the Pipsqueak” has started a blog called “The LOTUS (Laptop Of The United States)” . Now this website seems to be a running commentary from Sarah Palin’s laptop with whom this Whitney person has allocated a brain and a voice. Whitney has also listed the “cast of characters” from this blog for all to see who is talking or being discussed at any given time.

Madame 45- Governor Sarah Palin
*First Dude- Todd Palin
*The Great Opologizer- President Barack Obama
*Vice President Hair Plugs- Vice President Joe Biden
*Softy Southpaws- Liberals
*TOTUS- Teleprompter of the United States, President *Obama's teleprompter
*LOTUS- Laptop of the United States, Governor Palin's laptop, shrinking government one Facebook post and op-ed at a time!

Now one example of a post is as follows (please remove any liquids from your mouth prior to moving forward, and swallow any food stuffs you might have in your mouth as I refuse to be held responsible for damages incurred)

Friday, August 14, 2009
A message from the LOTUS ( the Laptop of the United States)
It has been quite the busy week since returning from New York. Madame 45 (that's what I call Governor Palin) and I have been writing up a storm the past several days. We've spent a lot of time on Microsoft Word because Madame wants to make sure that her footnotes were formatted correctly ( I prefer to call them heelnotes-- Madame has a great shoe collection). But, I haven't just spent time on Microsoft Word. We have spent a lot of time on
Google and Pub Med. Madame 45 does such a good job supporting her thoughts on TOTUS's health care plan with these things called facts. Now, I'm good friends with the TOTUS, and he was unfamiliar with "facts". Apparently, they don't come across his screen too often. I was happy to describe this concept to him. I want to make sure that he understands facts. If he happens to be kept on staff during the transition in 2012, he will see a lot of them. But, I digress.

We have also spent hours reading the House's health care bill. I'm glad that Madame 45 is good about the Adobe Reader updates, or I might have a malfunction. That pdf is long! But, I need to get used to the long hours. Madame 45 is writing a book too! I've seen some excerpts, and, doggone it, it is good! I don't want divulge too much information, but let me tell you, it is going to be huge! We may need another "stimulus" package next spring, and Madame's book will definitely provide a big boost to the paper, ink, and bookstore industry!

I've enjoyed spending time on facebook. It seems like every time we surf over to that site, there are more and more people who want to read what Madame 45 has written. I think it has had an effect too! I like to surf over to this site from time-to-time. I'm not really sure if Madame 45 knows that I do it, but maybe she visits sometimes too! I'm not sure!

On a lighter note, I love the Alaskan summers! The sun stays out so long! Sometimes, Madame 45 and I will sit out on the deck overlooking Lake Lucille. Sometimes she lets Trig and I spend some time together. It tickles when he tries to talk to me! I can't believe how big he is getting! He is precious, and it makes me so mad when people demean him! Piper and Willow are headed back to school soon! I will miss them. First Dude 45 is quite a guy too! He tells me about the salmon runs. Oh, I wish I could make a trip to Dillingham sometime, but I only have limited battery power. Plus, I'm hydrophobic. Bristol and Tripp are fun to be around too! I'm very proud of Bristol! I can't wait until Track gets back from Iraq! I'm so thankful for his service.

Ok, I suppose I should get back to work. We may possibly be spending some time on Twitter soon again. Although, Madame 45 often uses the BOTUS (Blackberry of the United States) for that job. Madame's friend Greta said on TV tonight that we may be skypeing soon. We'll see. I don't know if Greta was teasing or serious. I'll have to wait on the word from the boss.

So yes, this person is actually writing a blog as if it is from the point of view of a laptop. Now if that wasn’t strange enough, I’ve also found some comments (no I won’t link to the site where I found them) from some of Sarah’s fans which I think are more than enough verification showing just how delusional they truly are.

On one of the different blogs the Question was asked:

If you could have dinner with Sarah....

The response??

Oh, gosh.
I'm at the airport.
First I would be tongue-tied. She'd ask me why I was tongue-tied but I'd just smile and say, "I'm just really happy to see you." Then she'd give me a big hug and lead me to the car after going through baggage claim. She'd ask me to call her Sarah, but I will say I can't because it's my parents rules that I can't call an elder by their first name. She'll settle for Mrs. Sarah instead.
We'd have dinner at her house of course. She'd make moose chili after me telling her I've never had moose before. Piper will want to show off her room. Bristol would be nurseing Tripp but talking with me too. Willow would be kind of shy but soon I'd make her laugh, which will make Todd holler, "What's going on in there?"
We'd have dinner-I'd say blessing. Then afterwards I'd make my grandmother's chocolate pie, which the whole family will devour except Trig, because he played with it more than eat.
Then I would go outside and lay down, looking at the stars. Gov. Palin would lay beside me and we would talk girl stuff. I would have a hotel reservation, but Gov. Palin would insist that I would stay with her.
I'd accept.

Another from "Jane"

Jane Austen, September 18, 2009 8:06 PM
I made up a story about how Madame and LOTUS met for the first time. I posted it on LOTUS's blog but I'm going to post here as well.
Feedback would be nice! ;)
Madame 45 was typing away on me, as she usually does. Sometimes it gets tiring, but most of the time it was thrilling, as usually I ask the question- “What are we going to write about next?”
Always something good.
Until today, whereas I became confused.
WAIT- WHAT? I asked, my words flashing across my screen (she knows then I’m talking to her).
“It’s Constitution Day LOTUS- I thought you knew that,” Madame 45 said.
“Did you even look at the date?”
Madame 45 sighed. “Were you even awake this morning?”
Madame 45 set her jaw in a firm line. “I rest my case.”
“It’s the day that our founders signed the framework for our country. It’s a very important document that spells out what the three branches are and what they do.”
Madame 45 nodded. “Very.” She started typing again.
Again, I interrupted her.
“It’s not exactly the Fourth.” She took off her glasses, fogged them up, and rubbed the lenses on her t-shirt. “So there aren’t parades or fireworks or anything.”
“Well, more or less. In my opinion it’s better, because the framework is actually laid out for our country. We start building the rules that day.”
Madame 45 smiled. “In my opinion, it is.”
I thought about the info she just told me and scanned it into my hard drive. I PROBABLY SHOULD TELL TOTUS I said thoughtfully.
“You can- after I finish typing this and putting it out on Facebook.”
“LOTUS…” Madame 45 said warningly.
She smiled and kept typing.
A couple minutes later, with shifting of positions on the couch, she clicked “Post”.
“Did you really want me to finish that bad?
Madame rolled her eyes. “Funny.”
“Go ahead- just make sure it’s VERY CLEAR and hopefully he’ll understand,” teased Madame.
“Like the time I first met you?” Madame rolled her eyes again (she does that a lot, especially at liberals). “You practically made me think I’m insane, talking to a laptop.”
December 16, 2008
One month, fourteen days after Election Day
As soon as someone opened my lid, it was a match made for heaven (but really, I didn’t know it at the time.
I saw this woman staring at my screen in Best Buy.
“It’s perfect,” she said, turning to the man next to her. “This is the one.”
First of all, I didn’t have almost any interactions with humans, so I was quite insulted when she called me an “it”. Laptops (and other electronics) have sensitive memories, so I was sure that insult would not be forgotten.
I was taken that same day.
That night, she was setting me up, getting of rid of all the crap/junk that clogs up my hard drive and makes it hard to breathe.
“Oh, Todd, I love it. Thank you so much,” she said as she kissed him.
Go get a room, I thought.
Plus, she said “it” again.
A couple of days later, she booted me up again. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to talk to her, so I didn’t, staying quiet. Suddenly, I think one of her kids cried out so she got up and went outside to see what the matter was.
I went ahead and went on the internet, and to my surprise, a picture of my owner it seemed was front-page news! I couldn’t believe it. Was it possible that my owner, the human lady that called me “it” with no respect for electronics, was the vice-president candidate for the Republican Party?
I needed proof.
Turns out that she was forty-five, had five kids, and lived in Alaska. Whoa, I thought, my owner is, like, famous!
I had to speak to her.
When she came back, I prepared myself.
HI, I said.
She scrunched her eyebrows. “Huh? Who’s IM-ing me?”
She shook her head. “Wait, what?”
“No, no!” She pinched herself. “This is not real!”
She stared at me for about a minute, and then shook her head.
“Can you hear me?” she asked timidly.
She scrunched her eyebrows again. “Ok, this is really weird.”
She nodded.
“Like who?”
“Wow,” she said a little timidly.
CAN I CALL YOU MADAME 45? I blurted, out of the blue.
“I- I guess so.”
Madame smiled for the first time. “You’re welcome- LOTUS. I shall call you LOTUS.”

That's only the beginning! :)

Now if that isn't funny or sad enough I've selected some random comments to show you the continued delusion of those who are the Sarah Palin fans.

Posted by Ron Devito
Today, it is right for me to pause....
Governor Palin:
My hero, my inspiration, my North Star, my guardian President. I will always follow your lead. I am your student and I am proud to have you as my teacher.

brad essex said...
Sarah looking great. I wonder if she'll make obama cry in public.

John Galt said...
When it comes to writing or not writing her own speeches people forget that she is degreed in communications and journalism.
Most likely Gov Palin has help with the research but she picks the topics and goes from there.

Besides in one story on the speech it stated that she did not and I emphasize did not speak from a written transcript but rather spoke from her personal notes.

So in truth she never wrote what she said. She spoke from bullet points that she and others researched under her direction.
September 23, 2009 3:15 PM

Gelston said...
all the posts are great. I particularly love the recent ones by techno and charteroakie,
You're right. How can I love her more?
September 23, 2009 3:52 PM

techno said...
Sarah is like Reagan in that she doesn't need advisors around her to TELL HER WHAT TO THINK, WHAT TO SAY OR HOW TO ACT. What she needs advisors more for is that they be her sounding board, to help her flesh out ideas with relevant facts, and to tell her their opinions on the consequences of saying certain things.

And she IMHO needs advisors to protect her from the Alinsky-like MSM.

Money Maven said... Alaska was spared from the financial meltdown because they had a practical frugal governor who was street smart and was a prudent small business operator. Yet many Ivy League univeristy graduate governors plunged their states into record deficits.

I think if anyone wants advice on running a good economy they should turn to Sarah Palin. She has a proven record in state governance.

AKReport said…
I just added her to my twitter. I feel closer to her already.

tim c said.....
They are all hearing the footsteps of Sarah leading the American people marching to reclaim America,and they know they are the enemy.
5 days ago, 12:08:59 PM

Bogdan from Australia said...
Sarah Palin - The Face Of America. The Queen Of The Free People.
August 22, 2009 1:09 AM

LGS said...
Thank God Gov. Sarah Palin isn't the type to raise the white flag.

Sarah -- Keep talking loud and clear!

kjanlady said...
August 21, 2009 1:40 PM

TexMex said... Dude she's a friggin' pop icon.
All the more reason why I love wearing my Sarah P shirt.
Oh, and she's a damn fine writer. That's yummy too.
August 20, 2009 11:11 PM

E.P. said...
As they say, the more Hollywood exploits her, the more popular she becomes! She is not only a "Rock Star", but she can now add "Movie Star" to her resume! Go Sarah!
August 21, 2009 3:24 PM

AKReport said...
sarah is the leader right now.
August 20, 2009 4:15 PM

Lakerfanalways said...
Obama is SO obsessed with Sarah Palin, oh man it's like she is already President. Obama is a scumbag

And lest you think that this is a recent development in the world of the Palin worshiper……

Grace Explosion said...
awesome... you did a great job detailing the story and bringing in how nasty the press is... it's ghoulish. Truly wicked witches are out to get Palin.
January 21, 2009 9:58 PM

Now we can't forget to mention some of the titles of the article they have written regarding their "Goddess":

*Associated Press of Mordor Attacks Palin Once Again*

*Sing, O Muse, of Palina, Huntress of Wasilla!*

*Major Bummer for the Bughouse Conspiracy Boobs*

*A Constant Craving for Sarah Palin Information*

*Another Side Of Sarah Palin: Financial Guru*

*Tapping into Your Inner-Rogue*

*The World NEEDS Sarah Palin As President*

Well, I hope that you have been as amused by this as I was.

Monday, October 19, 2009

'We Are All Connected'

Symphony of Science

Is Sarah Building Up Her Own Blogger Army?

Sarah’s Own Blogger Army

Could it be True? Is it possible she’s gotten past her fear of those basement dwelling pajama clad bloggers who inspired such venom to spew forth from her tattooed lips in days and months gone by. “Bored, anonymous, pathetic bloggers who lie annoy me” She is quoted as saying in an interview with Esquire magazine.

Esquire Interview

And then she referred to bloggers as "kids in pajamas sitting in the basement of their parents' homes" spewing out mean and inaccurate things about her in her interview with Greta Van Sustern.

Greta Interview

Is Sarah Palin hiring a gaggle of bloggers fans to work for her?
It seems that there have been some questions as to where some of Sarah’s biggest fans have gone since they are known to have traveled to Alaska, a few we know are still there, and are now being scrubbed form the blogger websites they once not only ran, but contributed to on a regular basis. Many are missing and speculation is that they are being hired by Sarah Palin, for reasons unknown, but perhaps for her newest creation “Stand Up For Our Nation“. I wonder where she got such a cleaver name for that organization?

Well there has been some speculation from fans:

Jane Austen
Ok, who's willing to bet that all our editors/conrtributers are up in you-know-what with you-know-who? It's been quiet lately...

i hope she remembers to hire techno soon.

I hope but this would be too good to be true. THe thing is the next level of C4Pers have been competent. Granted I think RAM was special (partly because that was her talent) but this site is still the best. Anybody notice some of them are not on the editor/contributors lists.

yup, and some regular writers, like Brianus, have disappeared, too

I haven't seen Toki in quite a while either.

I've noticed that Steve Maloney, one of the original pro-Palin bloggers, announced about six weeks ago that he was taking a short vaction, and his site has gone inactive since then. I think Gov. Palin may be recruiting a stable of professional quality bloggers.


I don't know - I'm starting to get the impression our contributors and regular commentors are getting picked off one by one. RAM, JR, Tim...... And now Brianus, Rich, .....

Not necessarily a bad thing.... thou each are greatly missed. Maybe they have some input for the invitation list to the bloggers ball Jan 2013. :)

Onex turtle
Maybe they're part of a larger project for Stand Up For Our Nation.

It is football Sunday and Brianus is not here. I believe he headed north with RAM.

We also know from Phil Munger of Progessive Alaska posting on “Bree Palin”, that Rebecca Mansour (RAM) and Tim Lindell (VO) are up in Alaska and have been for months now.

I've emailed back and forth with both VO and Rebecca, and had a couple of long phone talks with Rebecca, have both their phone numbers - all from early last summer

Bree Palin

Tim it seems has been keeping in touch with Shannyn Moore as well, if the posting back and forth betwixt them on Facebook is any indication, and although there were questions of the cozy attitude between them, it seems doubtful that Tim will ever back away from his love of Sarah Palin. He is after all the one who proclaimed himself sorry for questioning her quitting her job as Governor mid way through her first term and got down on bended knee to pray for guidance only to decide to “cross the Rubicon”** with Sarah.

So what need has Sarah Palin for all these bloggers that have suddenly gone silent, who were so boldy outspoken on her behalf previously? And did she as well as RAM both deny any connection to one another previously?

SarahPAC and Palin family spokeswoman Meghan Stapleton said Conservatives for Palin is not affiliated in any way with the governor

Newsminer Article

We are not a "Draft Sarah Palin" website. We are "Conservatives for Palin" because we support her vision of an energy independent America that is more peaceful and more prosperous because we rely on our own resources. We support her respect for the culture of life. We support her belief in limited government and true free market capitalism -- not the crony capitalism that once festered in Alaska or the corporatism that is currently taking hold in this country. We support her belief that America must be strong in order to be peaceful. We do not all agree with her on every issue. We often disagree with each other on specific issues. But we support the overall conservative philosophy that Sarah Palin affirms. Above all we respect her courage and integrity as a true reformer.

It is irrelevant to us whether Sarah Palin runs for governor again, runs for president, or runs for any other elected office. If she were to say, "I've had enough. I'm going to retire and ride snowmachines in the winter and fish in the summer," we would still support her.

We would also like to make clear that we are not cult followers or groupies of Sarah Palin. I can't even believe that we have to deny such a stupid accusation. But there it is. We are not part of a Sarah Palin cult. And we're not mindless "Palinbots." We've studied her record -- that's why we like her and support her. We know who she is.


Isn’t it odd that people who claim they are not groupies would traverse from their homes to make a pilgrimage to Alaska to see their idol and end up staying? Does that not sound like what groupies or members of a cult might do? And doesn’t it make you question the story that Meg Stapleton told the News Minor Staff that there was no affiliation between Sarah Palin and the blogger site when less than 3 months later several bloggers from that same site have now moved to Alaska and seem to be working for the Palin cause?

Is she getting a team in place for another run at the White House? Does she really think she has a chance, especially after quitting her job as Governor before she completed her first term in office? Why would anyone elect her? She has a proven record of quitting when the going gets tough.

Perhaps she isn’t getting ready to run for the Presidency. After all, she couldn’t handle the job as Governor so why set yourself up for an even tougher job? So maybe these bloggers are working with her on her new organization? Stand up for our Nation.

We know she is building a compound at her Wasilla AK residence, as evidenced by photos. The Palin’s have bought the site next to their own and have started building a HUGE “Chateau” complete with turret there, and it is being suggested that they have also rented out the property next to the building site (and have been for a while) for complete privacy. For a great visual and written accounting of this new building taking place, you can see it at Palingates:

Sarah Palin And The Chateau Of Mystery – Exclusive News and Photos From Wasilla

Chateau of Mystery

Perhaps she is building a religious compound. Who knows, it’s entirely possible. Anything is possible at this point. We know she considers herself to be deeply religious and believes that “God” directs her, in addition we also know how she spoke to the kids of the Wasilla Masters Commission as we have video evidence of it.

Masters Commission Address

And a little bird let me in on a wee bit of information that suggests Sarah Palin will be a Speaker at the College of the Ozarks in Missouri in December. No information on the topic as of yet, but if you wish to call and confirm it for yourself you are free to do so:
The numbers for which this information can be obtained as well as getting yourself on the list for the FREE tickets are:

*hotline number: 417-690-2240
*school number: 417-690-2211

Searching the college website we find this information:


The mission of College of the Ozarks is to provide the advantages of a Christian education for youth of both sexes, especially those found worthy, but who are without sufficient means to procure such training.

Vision and Goals:

The vision of College of the Ozarks is to develop citizens of Christ-like character who are well-educated, hard-working, and patriotic.
To achieve this vision, the College has Academic, Vocational, Christian, Patriotic and Cultural goals. Even as College of the Ozarks has evolved through secondary and junior college stages to the present four-year liberal arts institution, the fundamental goals have remained the same.

Academic Goal To provide a sound education, based in the liberal arts.
Vocational Goal To promote a strong work ethic, encouraging the development of good character and values.
Christian Goal To foster the Christian faith through the integration of faith with learning, living, and service.
Patriotic Goal To encourage an understanding of American heritage, civic responsibilities, love of country, and willingness to defend it.
Cultural Goal To cultivate an appreciation of the fine arts, an understanding of the world, and adherence to high personal standards.

College of the Ozarks

I’m not sure how well Sarah Palin fits into their mission goals, considering she has quit her job, works in a divisive manner on the political front and has no clear understanding of the world, and her personal standards seem to be more in line with an ego driven/ narcissist who demands 100% loyalty or else, but I can see how speaking to a group with a Christian background would appeal to her as she will be able to use her religious beliefs in order to strengthen what she has to say, unless of course she has another speech that is written by someone else fed into the teleprompter so she doesn’t have to worry about drifting off into the land of incoherence like she is apt to do when left to her own devices.

It seems we have confirmation of the Ozarks visit:
News Article

It is hard to know what this chateau is for as of yet, and we’ll have to wait and see if she even bothers showing up at the College of the Ozarks before we can find out what she might be speaking about, but all in all it is very interesting that she seems to be acquiring those bloggers who she used to profess to hate in order to work for her now.

** Crossing the Rubicon is just another way of saying “going past the point of no return”.

Sarah Palin Will Speak At Wisconsin Right To Life Event

MILWAUKEE - Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will speak in a Milwaukee suburb next month as part of a program presented by WisconsinRight to Life.


I wonder if she will tell people how she admitted to making a choice when it was a situation she was unsure of. Start at 6:30 to hear her talking about how she considered alternatives.

She made a choice. She admits she considered other options, admitted that no one would no about it, but she relied on her faith to help her make the choice to keep this child.

Would she grant that same option to others?

New medical marijuana policy issued

The Obama administration will not seek to arrest medical marijuana users and suppliers as long as they conform to state laws, under new policy guidelines to be sent to federal prosecutors Monday.
Two Justice Department officials described the new policy to The Associated Press, saying prosecutors will be told it is not a good use of their time to arrest people who use or provide medical marijuana in strict compliance with state laws.
The new policy is a significant departure from the Bush administration, which insisted it would continue to enforce federal anti-pot laws regardless of state codes.
Fourteen states allow some use of marijuana for medical purposes: Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont and Washington.
Good news in my opinion. It is a step in the right direction.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Levi Johnston NOT revealing his Johnson!

Various stories have been popping up on blogs and in the news about Sarah Palin’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston and his upcoming photo shoot with Playgirl magazine.
There are those who are all for him doing what he can while he can, since right now his name recognition is high, and he is being sought after for many reasons not the least of which is his boyish good looks as well as his previous close relationship with the ex half term Governor Sarah Palin and her family, and an even closer relationship with her daughter Bristol, with whom Levi had a child.

Then there are those who a doing nothing but slamming the kid for making the most of the spotlight the ex half term Governor thrust him into for her own political agenda. He is roundly hated by those who support the ex half term Governor, because they feel he should just slip quietly into the background and never be heard from again. First, let’s address the Playgirl shoot. It was reported last September in Gawker that Levi was indeed doing the Playgirl shoot but that he was NOT, I repeat he was NOT planning on posing in the nude. He will be posing in his “skivvies”, but that is as far as he is willing to go.

Rex Butler:
"There are people out there that want to see such a shoot of Levi
and we are ready to do it if the proposal is right." The only hitch, Levi's not willing to do a nude shoot, only pose in his skivvies.
My opinion is that Levi is going to need to do whatever he can to earn some money now, while he is still a hot commodity, and when that fades away, he can go back to his normal life doing the things he used to do, and have some money in the bank to help him in the future as well as help support his son.
Now on to those who wish he would fade quietly into the background. I say ….if you don’t like it, Thank Sarah Palin as she is the one who trust him into the spotlight. She is the one who made his and Bristol’s life part of her campaign, and then after the campaign was over first defended Levi, and then started lashing out at him when he was no longer under her thumb. In her mind the kid’s were only off limits from discussion when she was happy with them, once she no longer had control or liked what was being said, then all bets were off. When she started in on him, he had every right to start thinking about himself, and to stop taking Sarah Palin’s feelings and career into consideration.
Now many will say that he was and is only hurting himself and his son by his behavior, but I say he isn’t doing any more harm than has already been done by Tripp’s grandmother Palin who saw fit to lash out and trash Levi via her spokesmouth Meg Stapleton prior to Levi even giving his first interview.
Who can blame the kid for wanting to be courted by the media, the Hollywood types who are attracted to his looks as well as his story.