Monday, January 4, 2010

PART I: Sarah Palin, the Alaska governor who made open and transparent government the foundation of her rapid climb to national fame, routinely used her personal e-mail instead of a state account to manage official business. That much has been widely reported since September 2008, when a college student broke into her Yahoo account, revealing messages sent and received by Palin regarding state business. The reasons behind this practice have never been fully explained by the former governor


E-mails written by Palin in the early months of her term show that she wished to keep some state matters out of the public eye by using her own personal e-mail account. Printed copies of the e-mails were provided to
Alaska Dispatch by a source, who wished to remain anonymous, as an example of Palin's practice of conducting state business on her personal account

Earlier e-mails sent during the second month of the Palin administration show then-Gov. Palin discussing state business on her personal Yahoo account. Among the examples:
-- A Jan. 13, 2007, e-mail Palin sent to then-Chief of Staff Mike Tibbles' personal account (and copied to others in her inner circle) discussing candidates for various state jobs. "I know Ryan Colgan bugs folks," Palin wrote, "but he is supportive and wants a job so he can help. Why not find a spot for him somewhere in the 17,000 state employee group?" She went on to criticize Ron Miller, who had headed the Alaska Industrial Export and Development Authority under Gov. Frank Murkowski: "Ron Miller and others who made very poor decisions must be replaced with more sensible Alaskans who will not squander public funds. My discussions with Andrew (Halcro) sure has convinced me (as I was convinced after 10 months on the trail with him) that he agrees with me that we MUST clean up state government." Halcro ran against Palin in the 2006 gubernatorial election as an independent. Weeks after this e-mail, he and Palin had a falling out and Halcro began criticizing the governor on his blog, eventually breaking the so-called Troopergate scandal that embroiled Palin as she leaped to the national stage in late summer 2008.
-- A Jan. 28, 2007, e-mail from Palin's personal account went out to a list of high-level staff and commissioners' state e-mails encouraging them to speak freely to the press. The note was in response to an item in the Anchorage Daily News' Alaska Ear about whether members of her administration were banned from speaking to the media. "I have NEVER banned any of our team members from voicing opinions on anything," she told her commissioners and others.
-- On Jan. 30, 2007, Palin sent an e-mail from her Yahoo account to several of her advisors' personal accounts to discuss candidates for Fish and Game Board appointments, including one candidate who she described as a "strange dude" who "sounds pretty crazy."
Members of Palin's inner circle copied on the e-mails in question were unavailable for comment or opted not to comment

AK Dispatch has been given proof of Sarah Palin's use of her personal email account on yahoo to do State business

The proof is adding up that Sarah Palin is no different than any other corrupt politician who speaks out of both sides of their mouths. They say one thing and turn around and do another. The fact that there are so many falling for her folks "just like the little guy" line is even funnier as it shows how willing people are to be sold a set of fake goods if the line sounds believable enough.

I will be keeping a watch for Part II of this story, and for all we know there may be parts III, IV, V and more. It would not surprise me as the more we learn about Sarah Palin and who & what she truly is, versus who and what she presents herself to be, the more we must ask, why are we so receptive to being deceived by such charlatan's?