Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Olympics in Vancouver, Canada

The ceremony was delightful and the inclusion of the First Nations People was wonderful to see. I was saddened that the entire event went without a hitch until that final scene where the 4th piece of the torch did not come up out of the floor, but otherwise it was fabulous.

I guess no one was surprised to see Wayne Gretzky as the final torch bearer, myself included.

If you are interested in the games at all, I have included a link below that will take you to the main page which offers links to the individual competitions themselves for the schedules and results, photos of the ceremony, news, medals, the athletes, and many more bits of information for you to enjoy.

Enjoy and I would like to say good luck to all the athletes out there participating.

On a sad note, I would also like to send my thoughts and deepest sympathies to the family, friends and teammates of Nodar Kumaritashvili, from the country of Georgia who died today while training for the Luge competition.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Breakdown of Sarah PAC Disbursements/Expenditures

Basic Breakdown of SarahPAC Disbursments for the Second Reporting Period, Starting July 1, 2009 and Ending December 31, 2009

After giving this even the briefest of glances, I knew without question that it should be broken down and made easier to understand and access information. I noticed right away that there were a few dates that should have been on the last report filed and not on this one, as well as the ever increasing amount of money being paid out to people or companies labeled as “consultants”, which struck me as odd considering that the PAC had not undergone any major transformations, and Sarah Palin did not seem to be doing much more than traveling around on her book tour doing a lot of self promotion and little else besides having someone write her book for her along with her face book postings or ‘notes’. So I sat down the other night and decided I would go through and break it down.

I have copied everything exactly as it is listed on the form. If there is no explanation given, that is because the field was left blank on the form.

SarahPAC Disbursements


Heart Reach Pregnancy Center 12/31 $1,000.00
924 Leatherleaf Loop
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

National Association for Down Syndrome 12/31 $1,000.00
PO Box 206
Wilmette, Illinois 60091

How generous of the PAC and Sarah to donate so much to the Down Syndrome Association after receiving Millions in donations! And you thought that she was 'all talk, no walk' when it came to supporting the Down Syndrome Foundation.

Ballot Intiative Contribution:

Alaskans for Parental Rights 10/28 $1,000.00
PO Box 231425
Anchorage, Alaska 99523

Campaign Contributions:

McDonnell for Governor 12/31 $2,500.00
2819 N. Parham Road #210
Richmond, Virginia 23294

Rob Portman for Senate 12/31 $2,500.00
8331 Little Harbor Dr.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

Friends of John Thune 12/31 $2,500.00
PO Box 841
Souix Falls, South Dakota 57101

The Richard Burr for Senate Committee 12/31 $2,500.00
PO Box 5928
Winston-Salem, North Carolina 27113

Michele Bachmann for Congress 12/31 $2,500.00
PO Box 55125
Woodbury, Minnesota 55125

Grassley Committee Inc. 12/31 $2,500.00
PO Box 1000
Des Moines, Iowa 50304

Jim DeMint for Senate 12/31 $2,500.00
PO Box 12425
Columbia, South Carolina 29211

Marsha Blackburn for Congress 12/31 $2,500.00
4916 Throughbred Lane
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

Friends of Roy Blunt 12/31 $2,500.00
PO Box 50100
Springfield, Missouri 65805

Kasich for Ohio 12/31 $5,000.00
14 East Gay St. 2nd Floor
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Tom Rooney for Congress 12/31 $1,000.00
2336 SE Ocean Blvd. #313
Stuart, Florida 34996

Coburn for Senate 12/31 $2,500.00
PO Box 977
Muskogee, Oklahoma 74402

Citizens for Mary Taylor 12/31 $1,000.00
211 South Fifth
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Rob Portman for Senate 7/14 $ 1,000.00
8331 Little Harbor Dr.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45244

Team Graham 7/14 $1,000.00
PO Box 1801
Columbia, South Carolina 29202

Hatch Election Committee 7/14 $1,000.00
175 S. West Temple #650
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

Marsha Blackburn for Congress 4/25 $1,000.00
4916 Throughbred Lane
Brentwood, Tennessee 37027

Doug Hoffman For Congress 10/28 $5,000.00
111 River Street
Saranac Lake, New York 12983

For their support of Sarah PAC:

Susan B Anthony List 12/31 $1,000.00
1800 N Kent S. Suite 1070
Arlington, Virginia 22209

So why, out of 22 donations made were all but 6 of them made on on the absolute last day of the reporting period? Why wait so long to donate to all those folks? That just seems odd.

Listed Consulting Fees:

IzzyLene Consulting = Consulting/Media Political
16235 Headlands Circle
Anchorage, Alaska 99516-7561
(Meghan Stapleton)

07/02/2009 $8,000.00
07/24/09 $8,000.00
09/15/09 $4,000.00
09/22/09 $4,000.00
09/30/09 $10,000.00
10/30/09 $10,000.00
11/27/09 $10,000.00

Pamela Pryor = Consulting/Media Political
5300 Columbia Pike #102
Arlington, Virginia 22204-3118

07/02/2009 $6000.00
07/24/2009 $6000.00
08/28/2009 $6000.00
10/30/2009 $6000.00

$24,000.00 for 4 months work is not bad, especially considering that we rarely heard anything from Pamela. Meghan Stapleton is the one who usually issued statements on behalf of both Sarah and the PAC.
So October is the last payment showing for Pamela. She was said to be the current PAC spokesperson, but she just doesn’t show up anymore after the end of October as far as payments, so that leaves us with a couple of questions. Did Pamela quit? Was she fired? Was her paycheck just not reported after October? Is she still in the employ of Sarah PAC? We don’t know. We have not been told officially that she is no longer the PAC spokesperson, but one would think that if she stopped being paid then she is no longer doing the job, and if that is the case why has no one mentioned it or reported on her replacement.

Timothy Crawford = Consulting/Fundraising
6165 Mori St.
Mc Lean, Virginia 22101-3148

07/02/2009 $3255.44 (this expense is listed as Catering NY Fundraiser)
07/02/2009 $5847.40 (this expense is listed as Charter Flight/New Flight Charters)
07/02/2009 $6000.00
07/02/2009 $5847.40 (Charter Flight/New Flight Charters)
07/12/2009 $7317.10 (Continental Airlines Airfare)
07/12/2009 $4405.40 (this expense is listed as Hotel/Travel)
08/04/2009 $6000.00
08/24/2009 $6168.00 (Travel/Postage/Printing/Equipment)
09/01/2009 $6000.00
09/30/2009 $10000.00 (Consulting Fundraising/Treasurer)
10/30/2009 $10000.00
11/27/2009 $6796.24 (Hotel, Travel, Postage, Shipping etc)
12/08/2009 $10000.00 (Consulting Fundraising/Treasurer)

In my opinion, Timothy seems to be doing a lot more than just being the PAC treasurer considering he is doing the catering, and fundraising/consulting as well. He seems to be well paid for it as well.

Aries Petra Consulting LLC = Consulting/ Media/Communications
12728 Directors Loop
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192
Aka Rebecca Mansour Writer/Editor/Owner & Blogger of Website/blog Conservatives 4 Palin
1825 Canyon Dr.
Los Angeles, CA. 90028

10/28/2009 $6000.00
12/08/2009 $6000.00

Callisto Consulting LLC =Internet/Website Communications
Aka Joseph Russo writer/editor/Owner & Blogger of website blog Conservatives 4 Palin
904 D Street
Millville, New Jersey 08332

10/28/2009 $4000.00
11/27/2009 $4000.00

I wonder if Joe is pissed that he isn't worth as much as RAM to Sarah? ;)

NorthStar Strategies = Political/Logistical Consulting
Aka Jason Recher, (FMR. SR. ADVISER TO PALIN during the McCain Campaign)
1714 Osage Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22302-2624

07/13/2009 $5771.74 (Travel/Hotel Expenses Anchorage)
10/30/2009 $20000.00
11/27/2009 $20000.00 (Advance, Political, Logistical Consultin)

Kim Daniels = Media and Political Consulting
7821 Stratford Rd.
Bethesda, Maryland 208141339

11/10/2009 $14000.00
12/08/2009 $ 7000.00

Kim is an attorney with the Thomas More Law Center

Andrew Davis = Media and Political Consulting
811 26th Street
Sacramento, California 958164206

11/10/2009 $15000.00
12/08/2009 $7500.00 (Political and Issue Consulting)

What is interesting about this person is that the address listed is just a home, not a business, and his donations forms found online state that he is a VP with Mercury Public Affairs, yet there is no listing for him in the company profile, but he did donate to the Stevens for Senate Committee in AK in 2008 +Sacramento,+California&cd=4&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

The McIntosh Cos. = Fundraising Consulting
3838 Oak Lawn Ave. Suite 850
Dallas, Texas 75219
11/22/2009 $3000.00

Orion Strategies = Political Issue Consulting
Randy Scheunemann President
918 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20003

12/02/2009 $30000.00

Eric Schnure = Consulting, Communication, Speech

7006 Delaware St.
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815-4162

12/08/2009 $14000.00

Mr Schnure is a former writer for President Bush

Kathryn Casella = Fundraising Event Consulting
113 Redbird Lane
Terrace Park, Ohio 451741024

12/08/2009 $2100.00

Fundraising Expenses:

EDONATION.COM/Campaign Solutions

07/02/2009 $5405.42
07/10/2009 $21656.19
07/16/2009 $11301.35
07/23/2009 $11785.56
07/31/2009 $8430.23
08/06/2009 $5717.22
08/12/2009 $1187.93
08/20/2009 $8315.44
08/27/2009 $2909.38
09/03/2009 $3616.42
09/10/2009 $2882.05
09/17/2009 $3827.38
09/24/2009 $1529.24
10/07/2009 $4017.98
10/14/2009 $2029.35
10/21/2009 $1653.53
10/28/2009 $2607.00
11/04/2009 $1846.82
11/11/2009 $862.44
12/02/2009 $3027.33
12/30/2009 $1338.55

If you pay attention to the dates, then it suggests that nearly every week a large chunk of money was being paid to EDONATIONS for their internet/credit card system which allowed the PAC to process donations via credit cards from donors But the donations seem to drop towards the end of the year, and dramatically in November and December, since only two payments were made in each of these months vs. at least 4 in the previous months, unless the payments to this company was neglected to be reported.

Upstream Communications Internet and Credit Card Fundraising

1609 Shoal Creek Blvd. Suite 203
Austin, Texas 78701

12/11/2009 $60389.65
12/18/2009 $4365.48

Websites & Apps
Award-winning designers and programmers direct the layout and usability of each page in order to capture and engage the audience you’re targeting.

Email Marketing
An important goal of your communications is generating response, we’re positioned to help you move fast.

We have a proven track record of aggressively helping our clients build effective websites that empower people, causes and campaigns, as well as building e-mail lists and successfully mining them for new donors and net income.

Legal Services:

Baker & Hostetler
1050 Connecticut Ave., NW
Washington, DC 200365308

07/02/2009 $4500.00 (Legal Services)
08/28/2009 $3000.00 (Retainer/Legal)
10/28/2009 $1500.00 (Legal Retainer)
12/01/2009 $1500.00 (FEC Legal Consulting)


Ms. Anahita Nemat = Part Time Administrative Clerical
7300 Grace St.
Springfield, Virginia 22150-3831

07/21/2009 $962.50
08/11/2009 $1311.67
08/28/2009 $1399.23
10/14/2009 $1207.70
12/08/2009 $1370.06

She used to be a congressional staffer for Sen. Gordon Smith (R-Oregon) working as an intern for 3 months.
She did canvassing for Bob McDonnell in Va.,

Ivy Frye = Administrative, Clerical, Consulting
201 E Danna Ave #D
Wasilla, Alaska 99654-6421

11/27/2009 $2500.00
12/08/2009 $155.78 (postage)
12/09/2009 $5000.00

Book/Harper Collins/Photographer:

Harper Collins Publishers
PO Box 360846
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15251

11/12/2009 $11791.53 (Books for Fundraising Donor Fulfillment)
12/04/2009 $695.76 (Books for Donors)
12/04/2009 $35291.25 (Books for Donors)

Harper Collins Publishers
10 E 53rd St. 20th Floor
New York, New York 10022

11/16/2009 $1387.00 (Air Travel)
11/19/2009 $3980.35 (Plane and Bus Travel)
11/24/2009 $155.00 (Bus Travel/Craighead Crawford)
11/30/2009 $2905.80 (Air and Bus Travel/Shea Craighead)
12/03/2009 $1152.76 (Air, Bus Travel)
12/07/2009 $8800.00 (Air Travel/Craighead)
12/08/2009 $1856.20 (Bus and Air Travel/Shea Craighead)

HSP Direct
13755 Sunrise Valley Drive Suite 450
Herndon, Virginia 20171

12/28/2009 $11983.70 (Donor Fulfillment, Book Mailing)

Shealah Craighead = Photographer
62 Lords Lane
Deep River, Connecticut 06417-2007

08/25/2009 $1800.00 (photographs)
10/14/2009 $150.00 (photograph)
11/22/2009 $494.95 (Per Diem and Taxi Fees)
12/08/2009 $4000.00 (Photography)
12/28/2009 $7718.50 (Photographic Services, November)

Automated Signature Technology
112 Oak Grove Rd. #107
Sterling, Virginia 20166

11/10/2009 $6181.12 (Auto Pen)
11/22/2009 $1020.13 (auto pen)

Hemphill Brothers Coach Company
PO Box 78099
Nashville, Tennessee 37207

11/23/2009 $13000.00 (Bus Wrapping)


Wachovia Bank
6260 Old Dominion Drive
McLean, Virginia 22101

08/11/2009 $81.01 (Bank Fees)
09/10/2009 $123.16 (Bank Fee)
10/09/2009 $126.73 (Commercial Services Fee)
11/10/2009 $166.66 (Commercial Service Charges)

Chain Bridge Bank
1445-A McLaughlin Ave.
McLean, Virginia 22101

10/30/2009 $294.00 (check reading machine rental )
11/06/2009 $20.00 (wire fee)
11/09/2009 $55.00 (Credit Card Fee)
11/12/2009 $20.00 (wire fee)
11/16/2009 $20.00 (wire fee)
11/19/2009 $20.00 (wire fee)
11/24/2009 $20.00 (wire fee)
11/30/2009 $20.00 (wire fee)
11/30/2009 $75.00 (Remote Deposit Multifeed)
12/02/2009 $20.00 (wire fee)
12/02/2009 $50.00 (2 Stop Payment Fees)
12/03/2009 $20.00 (wire fees)
12/04/2009 $40.00 (2 wire fees)
12/07/2009 $20.00 (wire fee)
12/31/2009 $ 75.00 (Remote Deposit Machine Rental)

Visa/Bankcard Center
PO Box 569200
Dallas, Texas 75356

12/28/2009 $4072.46 (Bankcard)

Airline Flights/Hotel/Food:

Air Partner Private Jets
1100 Lee Wagener Blvd. Suite 328
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33315

11/12/2009 $27280.00 (Air Charter)

New Flight Charters
PMB 4067
Jackson Hole, Wyoming 83001

06/03/2009 $5847.40 (no explanation given)
Interesting note, Timothy Crawford was paid this exact amount a month later for “new flight charters)

Bistro One
1 East Genesee
Auburn, New York 13021-4005

07/14/2009 $403.20 (Breakfast)

Holy Crap, over $400.00 for breakfast? What in the hell were they eating?

Meijer, Grand Rapids
1540 28th St. SE
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49508

11/18/2009 $416.17 (Food, Beveridge, Supplies)

Alaska Airlines
PO Box 68900-SEAEC
Seattle, Washington 98168
07/06/2009 $1164.00 (airfare)

American Airlines
PO Box 619616
DFW Airport, Texas 75261

06/07/2009 $4729.20 (no explanation given)**why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**
06/10/2009 $185.00 (airfare/baggage) **why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**
11/06/2009 $236.20 (airfare)

Continental Airlines
PO Box 4607
Houston, Texas 77210

06/11/2009 $7317.10 (no explanation given)

Delta Airlines
1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, Georgia 30320

05/24/2009 $208.40 (airfare) **why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**

Northwest Airlines
2700 Lone Oak Parkway
Eagan, Minnesota 55121

06/03/2009 $2676.08 (no explanation given)**why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**
07/05/2009 $2206.98 (airfare)

U.S. Airways
111 West Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe, Arizona 85281

07/17/2009 $1957.20 (airfare)

Marriott, Anchorage
820 W. 7th St.
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

07/08/2009 $1338.76 (Hotel Rooms)

JW Marriott Hotel
1331 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20004

06/10/2009 $1729.32 (Lodging)**why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**
06/11/2009 $2368.28 (food/lodging)**why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**

So just over $4,000.00 for 2 nights at a hotel plus food? Wow, that is certainly living the high life indeed!

Renaissance Hotel
999 9th St. NW
Washington, DC 20001

11/12/2009 $906.84 (Hotel Rooms)
12/07/2009 $1743.64 (Lodging)

The Peninsula
108 East Superior St. at Michigan
Chicago, Illinois 60611

11/12/2009 $1390.43 (Hotel)
11/13/2009 $432.76 (Hotel)

The Cincinnatian Hotel
601 Vine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

11/20/2009 $377.61 (Hotel)

JW Marriott, Orlando
4040 Central Florida Pkwy.
Orlando, Florida 32837

12/12/2009 $201.38 (Lodging)

Expedia, Inc.
333 108th Ave. NE
Bellevue, Washington 98004

05/22/2009 $376.51 (Rental Car) **why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**
05/30/2009 $263.00 (airfare) **why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**
06/04/2009 $639.00 (airfare) **why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**

Holiday Inn, Auburn NY
75 North Street
Auburn, New York 13021

06/06/2009 $735.59 (Hotel Rooms) **why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**

Thrifty Rental Car
PO Box 35250
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74153

07/08/2009 $364.03 (Rental Car)

NY Yankee Stadium
One East 161st Street
Bronx, New York 10451

06/05/2009 $260.00 (Food/Drink) **why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**

Why would this be included at all? This has nothing to do with the PAC, rather is was entertainment for Todd & Sarah Palin exclusively.

Miscellaneous Expenses :

Chuck Heath

425 Klouda Cir
Wasilla, Alaska 996547728

10/28/2009 $1000.00 (Postage)
Now why in the world is Sarah’s dad being given money for postage?

Postmaster, Wasilla
Wasilla MPO
Wasilla, Alaska 99654

10/15/2009 $880.00 (postage)
11/15/2009 $132.92 (no explanation given)

Staples Inc.
1104 West Broad St.
Falls Church, Virginia 22046

11/12/2009 $354.32 (Supplies)
11/17/2009 $75.35 (Supplies)

Deluxe Corp
3680 Victoria St. North
Shoreview, Minnesota 55126

10/22/2009 $257.78 (New Checks)

AT & T Mobility
PO Box 6463
Carol Stream, Illinois 601976463

10/28/2009 $623.10 (Cell Phones/Blackberry)
12/01/2009 $325.30 (cell phones)

Postmaster, USPS
North Station 2200 N. George Mason Dr.
Arlington, Virginia 22207

08/20/2009 $1149.00 (no explanation given)
11/23/2009 $83.37 (postage)
12/01/2009 $96.00 (PO Box Rental)

Best Buy
8449 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, Virginia 22182

08/26/2009 $346.48 (no explanation given)

Best Buy, Columbus
3840 Morse Rd.
Columbus, Ohio 43219

11/08/2009 $362.93 (Printer, Paper, Ink, Supplies)

Forward Thinking Strategies
1701 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Suite 300
Washington, DC 20006

11/02/2009 $2995.00 (Pens and Rubber Bracelets)

Kwik Kopy
1356 Old Chain Bridge Rd.
McLean, Virginia 22101

08/03/2009 $1756.00 (no explanation given)
11/02/2009 $327.60 (Letterhead and Evelopes)
11/06/2009 $244.91 (printing)

Nico & LaLa
4502 Idaho Ave.
Nashville, Tennessee 37209

11/10/2009 $6454.53 (T-shirt design and printing)
11/23/2009 $5388.24 (Bookmarks)
12/28/2009 $3096.04 (Book Marks and Shipping)

Republican Governors Association
1747 Pennsylvania Ave., NW 250
Washington, DC 20006

11/10/2009 $279.12 (Mobile Phone Costs)

Aristotle International
205 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20003-1164

11/17/2009 $6000.00 (Compliance Software)

4725 West Ox Road
Fairfax, Virginia 22030

08/07/2009 $460.00 (no explanation given)

9419 E. San Salvador, Suite 103
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258

11/30/2009 $426.40 (Laptop Rental)

Why would you need to *rent* a laptop? Wouldn't you think with all the money these folks have that they would have their own?

Alaska Communication Systems = Internet wireless
PO Box 92400
Anchorage, Alaska 99509-2400

07/15/2009 $30.45
09/22/2009 $ 91.36

~ Interesting that no other charges for this showed up. Perhaps they just stopped getting the wireless internet service? Maybe they forgot to pay the bill? Maybe it will show up on the next cycle of disbursements?

Ace Delivery and Moving Co. = Moving and Storage
PO Box 221389
Anchorage, Alaska 99522-1389

06/15/2009 $560.00 (Delivery & Storage)**why was this not listed on the last disclosure?**
07/28/2009 $ 45.00
08/18/2009 $180.00 (Box Storage)

Aristotle International = Administrative Software
205 Pennsylvania Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20003-1164

08/24/2009 $6000.00

Krobar Studios = New Website Development
1717 Talkeetna St.
Anchorage, Alaska 99508

08/24/2009 $17565.00
08/28/2009 $18900.00
09/30/2009 $14940.00

$51405.00 to design a website? Seriously?

Transfirst LLC
371 Centennial Parkway
Louisville, Colorado 80027

11/30/2009 $294.00 (Portal Rental)
12/07/2009 $459.67 (Discount Fee/Merchant)
12/10/2009 $459.67 (Credit Card Machine Rental)
12/29/2009 $294.00 (Machine Rental)

Unexplained Expenses:

Clapp, Peterson, Van Flein, Tiemessen,
711 H St. Suite 620
Anchorage, Alaska 99501

12/28/2009 $ 10000.00 (Legal Services November)

Why is Sarah’s personal lawyer being paid for by the PAC for legal services and not to mention $10,000.00 worth of legal expenses for a single month when the PAC already has legal representation?

This wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with Bristol’s custody fight with Levi would it? The first round of paperwork was issued by Bristol and Van Flein (who is now not only Sarah’s personal lawyer, but the PAC’s and Bristol’s attorney for her custody suit too) was issued on 11/04/2009

It seems rather odd to have this attorney wearing so many different hats while representing the same family, especially considering that Bristol swore under penalty of perjury that her mother was not involved in the custody case, and then we find out that not only is she sharing her mothers attorney, but that same attorney is working for her mothers political action committee.

199 Mills Pond Rd.
St. James, New York 11780

07/01/2009 $2572.50

Hmmmm, Flowerfield deals mostly in weddings, as is evidenced by a visit to their website, and under “about us” it has this to say:

Settled on a secluded estate on the prestigious North Shore, Flowerfield is Long Island's best-kept secret. Our grounds have an impressive array of fruit orchards, vineyards, manicured gardens, beautiful reflection ponds and fountains.
At Flowerfield, one event is held at a time, as we are dedicated to you and your guests completely. Our Culinary team and professional staff pride themselves on impeccable service, attention to detail and flawless presentation. Our experienced Banquet Sales Managers will work side by side with you to ensure all of your dreams and desires are fulfilled.

July 1, 2009, that was 2 days before Sarah quit her job as Governor correct? Todd was away fishing because he had to rush back and be by her side while she gave her "I Quit Speech" right?

So who was spending 2500+ dollars at this place, located in Jersey’s North Shore, and how is this a legitimate PAC expense? It wasn’t Sarah was it? Wasn’t she in Alaska? If it was an expense that was racked up by one of her numerous “consultants” wouldn’t they be expected to pay for this out of their own money? There is no explanation as to what it is for.

Meghan Stapleton
16235 Headlands Circle
Anchorage, Alaska 995167561

07/01/2009 $840.00 (Food, Travel, Lodging, Storage)
07/15/2009 $3110.45 (Travel/hotel airfare)
11/23/2009 $1729.82 (Expenses)

Why is Meg getting additional expenses above and beyond what is paid to her via her consulting company, especially with one entry listing no additional information besides “expenses”??

So we know from this that Sarah has got herself a team in place, what with previous McCain Staffers, a lawyer from the Thomas More Law Group, plus a couple of bloggers so does this mean that she is setting herself up for a run at the White House?

I'd suggest that before she consider that, she might want to take a gander at the information that is coming out from the release of those emails.

As for the PAC expenses, it sure seems like a lot of money is coming in and a lot is going out with nothing to show for it. They claim that they have done no fundraising, but that is an awful lot of expense for no fundraising.

There is a lot to digest and understand about these expenses. If the PAC claims that they are not doing any fundraising, but have all these expenses to date, I cannot imagine how they are going to survive when they are forced to actively spend money to make money for themselves. They will have no money left to pay each other nor to donate to worthy causes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Close Up of Sarah's Cheat Sheet

H/T to Phil Munger @ Progressive AK for this photo.

So these are the things she could not remember?

Budget Cuts

The other two I am unable to be sure of, but still, this is what she needed to have written down to remember? Is she really that stupid? Seriously?

Levi's Playgirl Cover Shot!!

Oh Yummy