Sunday, July 4, 2010

~Happy Independence Day~

I feel truly blessed to live in the country that I do, with all the freedoms and privileges I have, and I don't take them for granted.  I remember every day how truly lucky I am, and today serves as a reminder to us all that while we are far from perfect, and have a long way to go to be the kind of nation we ought to be, we are still fortunate to be living here and now.   Let us celebrate our Independence and be joyful in our celebrations. 

             HAPPY 4th Of July!!

Now we are not the only ones who celebrate the holidy, and so I give to you a spectacular fireworks display for 2010 from Sydney!

Now I don't know when or where this one was taken, but it is a finale with the 1812 Overture which just happens to be one of my favorites!

This is a video of the largest fireworks shell ever to be set off. Japan 2007

I wish you all a very happy day today and everyday.