Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bristol Palin Thy Name Be Hypocrite or Just call her Vicky Hollywood!

Bristol Palin wanted to keep the custody hearings regarding her son Tripp secret.  She claimed it was for several reasons.
The court documents:
Bristol gives reasons to the court on why she feels the case should be kept secret

Let's look at #7 where it states:
7.As can be seen by all the media publications cited in my original Motion to close these proceedings and for a gag order, Levi has used the media to cause my family (and myself) embarrassment.  Levi's family (Mercedes Johnston in particular) has previously attacked my character in the media, and made disparaging remarks about  me and about custody issues.

Bristol I would like to bring to your attention:

Sarah Palin's Camp Lashes Out at Levi Johnston

Sarah on Oprah calls Levi "Ricky Hollywood" and suggests he is going down the wrong road, calling his posing for Playgirl as "Porn"

Sarah Palin responds to Levi "those who would sell their body for money"

Chuck Heath Bashes Levi Johnston in Us Magazine

And those are just off the top of my head, but Bristol, let's not forget that your mother and your family has a history of making disparaging comments about others, as evidenced in your mothers book, and of course there is the Trooper Wooten issue, and then there is your Aunt Molly's custody case. You remember that don't you?

Court records obtained by NEWSWEEK show that during the course of divorce hearings three years ago, Judge John Suddock heard testimony from an official of the Alaska State Troopers' union about how Sarah Palin—then a private citizen—and members of her family, including her father and daughter, lodged up to a dozen complaints against Wooten with the state police. The union official told the judge that he had never before been asked to appear as a divorce-case witness, that the union believed family complaints against Wooten were "not job-related," and that Wooten was being "harassed" by Palin and other family members.
Court documents show that Judge Suddock was disturbed by the alleged attacks by Palin and her family members on Wooten's behavior and character. "Disparaging will not be tolerated—it is a form of child abuse," the judge told a settlement hearing in October 2005, according to typed notes of the proceedings.

Warned by the Court: A judge repeatedly told Palin and family not to badmouth her sister's ex

So it would seem that you and your family have a history of this kind of behavior.

Now if you look at #8 it states:

8.I believe that Levi Johnston will soon be filming a reality show in Alaska. I do not believe it would be in Tripp's best interest for Levi's reality show to be filming this case as it unfolds, or for Levi Johnston to be capitalizing of this custody case through his reality show.

Now that is an odd thing to claim as it has been revealed that Bristol Palin will be making her acting debut playing herself on a television show.

Bristol Palin Makes Acting Debut as Teen Mom Playing Self

So does Bristol consider this to be in Tripp's best interest?  The show isn't filmed in Alaska, so she is going to have to travel to do filming, so that means she is either going to leave Tripp in the care of others while she travels to do this show, or she is going to be taking Tripp with her, which means hiring additional care for him and paying extra for that caregiver to travel with her while she jets around to do immerse herself in the hollywood scene.  She is also capitalizing on her situation, to line her pockets and make a name for herself.

Now let's take a look at #9 from the court documents.
9. I cannot imagine any reason why Levi Johnston would think that having this custody proceeding take place in the media spotlight would be in Tripp's best interests. It appears that the only reason Levi wants this case to remain public is so that he can continue to capitalize on his name and this case by selling stories to the media.  To my knowledge Levi's media exposure is his only source of income.  That leads me to believe that Levi's interest in keeping this case unsealed is purely financial.  Levi's interest in self promotion has nothing to do with Tripp's best interests.

I find that to be an interesting allegation when all the factors are taken into consideration.   If you will notice the date on these papers, it states this was sworn to on December 22 2009.

Less than a month later,  Bristol appeared on the cover of In Touch Magazine with her son and her mother, and gave an interview, with photos of herself and her son Tripp, to this tabloid magazine for the reported sum of $100,000.00

In Touch Exclusive Interview & Photos:Sarah & Bristol Palin, "We're glad we chose life"

You know Bristol people like you make me sick.  You engage in what you accuse others of and just like your mother, you try to portray yourself as this big victim when you are in fact the exact opposite.

I was married to an abuser.  I survived it, and all that was done to me, and never once did I try and keep him from seeing his children.  He never harmed his kids, (that was saved for me alone), and as much as I hated him, I knew that my kids deserved to have their father in their life because he cared about them, and they cared about him.   I knew that what went on between he and I was just that, between he & I, and did not involve the kids.

Why you would try to keep Levi and his family out of his son's life, is beyond me.  You engage in exactly the same tactics you accuse Levi of doing and yet seem to think that you are the better parent?  You are a disgusting example of a parent.  Levi has never disparaged you or your parenting abilities.   I pity your son and hope that his father and his father's family are able to counteract all that you will inflict on this child.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

**Update** Sarah Palin Photoshops Picture of Own Son; Using Him Yet Again!

Yes, the title is correct!

Sarah Palin has photoshopped a picture of her son, taken while out on the book tour, implying with the photoshop & accompanying tweet, that Trig is a fan of the Iron Dog.

This is the "Tweet" from Sarah:

http://twitpic.com/14ls25 - Trig's a fan! Go IronDoggers - be safe, ride hard, have fun lovin' Alaska's great outdoors.
from TwitPic

SarahPalinUSA Tweet

This is the picture she linked to:

This is the picture before the photoshop:

If she wanted to share a photo of him with her fans why didn't she use a real one? She couldn't even add a photo of him at the race? She had to fake it? Why?  They couldn't spend  a couple of their millions and buy the kid an Iron Dog Shirt and take a picture of him with it on?

This is just another of the many examples of this woman using this child.  I really hope that one day she stops using her children, stops pretending to be something she isn't, stops attempting to portray herself and her life & family as something that it isn't.

By the way, I seem to recall this statement from the Palin camp the last time a photo that had Trig in the original was photoshopped.

Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapelton said in a statement provided to CNN. "The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling."

I guess now it's okay to photoshop a picture of a special needs baby huh??

H/T to Palingates for the heads up on this information & to Bree Palin for the twitpic of the original and unphotoshopped picture from the book tour.


Well it seems that Sarah isn't the one who photoshopped that picture of Trig, she just conveniently forgot to give credit to the author.    It seems that Palin fan  Karen Allen is the one who did the photoshop.

Here is her facebook page:

Karen Allen on Facebook

She is a married mother of 4 who is making a name for herself amongst the Palin fans for her work on videos.

You can check them out on her youtube channel:
mikesgirl93 on you tube

Here is her Twitter Page:

Karen Allen on Twitter