Sunday, February 21, 2010

**Update** Sarah Palin Photoshops Picture of Own Son; Using Him Yet Again!

Yes, the title is correct!

Sarah Palin has photoshopped a picture of her son, taken while out on the book tour, implying with the photoshop & accompanying tweet, that Trig is a fan of the Iron Dog.

This is the "Tweet" from Sarah: - Trig's a fan! Go IronDoggers - be safe, ride hard, have fun lovin' Alaska's great outdoors.
from TwitPic

SarahPalinUSA Tweet

This is the picture she linked to:

This is the picture before the photoshop:

If she wanted to share a photo of him with her fans why didn't she use a real one? She couldn't even add a photo of him at the race? She had to fake it? Why?  They couldn't spend  a couple of their millions and buy the kid an Iron Dog Shirt and take a picture of him with it on?

This is just another of the many examples of this woman using this child.  I really hope that one day she stops using her children, stops pretending to be something she isn't, stops attempting to portray herself and her life & family as something that it isn't.

By the way, I seem to recall this statement from the Palin camp the last time a photo that had Trig in the original was photoshopped.

Palin spokeswoman Meghan Stapelton said in a statement provided to CNN. "The mere idea of someone doctoring the photo of a special needs baby is appalling."

I guess now it's okay to photoshop a picture of a special needs baby huh??

H/T to Palingates for the heads up on this information & to Bree Palin for the twitpic of the original and unphotoshopped picture from the book tour.


Well it seems that Sarah isn't the one who photoshopped that picture of Trig, she just conveniently forgot to give credit to the author.    It seems that Palin fan  Karen Allen is the one who did the photoshop.

Here is her facebook page:

Karen Allen on Facebook

She is a married mother of 4 who is making a name for herself amongst the Palin fans for her work on videos.

You can check them out on her youtube channel:
mikesgirl93 on you tube

Here is her Twitter Page:

Karen Allen on Twitter


  1. I wonder how much money Sarah paid for that--it's an awful Photoshop job. I can't even see the reason for photoshopping. He looks cute in the photo but the altered image is disturbing.

  2. She couldn't post a pic of him from the start of the Iron Dog race because he probably wasn't there. Given Gryph's latest post about the magical changing Trigs, I have a sense that a baby named Trig doesn't live with the Palins on a day to day basis, that he is "borrowed" when needed. Think the baby has a SAG card?

  3. But that doesn't explain the "elfin" baby who shows up on Bree's blog. And NEITHER of these (Iron Dog and Green Striped Elf) has the missing cartilage divets that show up on "Trig#3" baby pics in May and are missing in November 2008.

    This is nuts ...

  4. Well, it seems that perhaps the hypocrisy finally got to Meg Stapleton...according to Politico, she's resigned as Palin's "top aide" and spokesperson "to spend more time with her husband and 2-year-old daughter, Isabella".

    Geez, poor little Isabella has essentially been a one-parent child for all of her short life, because Stapleton has been at Sarah Palin's side putting out Palin's faux-pas fires (with gasoline) ever since Isabella was born.

    I think this is more a case of the chief rat deserting the sinking ship...

    ...or more sinister, perhaps the evil Rebecca Mansour and her trusty manipulative sidekicks Joe Russo and Tim Lindell successfully staged a palace coup.