Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

US Army Soldiers Attack Their Own on Ft. Hood, Tx.

Being an 'army brat', and at one time living just outside of Killeen Texas while my father was stationed at Fort Hood Texas, and having a son in the military, my heart just aches for our service men and women and the families of those involved in this horrific attack.

Right now news is very limited, but what has been confirmed is 12 are dead, 11 of them victims of the attackers and the other is one of the attackers. 31 confirmed wounded at this time. 2 more are in custody at this time.

We have no knowledge of what exactly prompted this attack, but the reason right now is really 'beside the point'. What is the point?

Our service men and women have been killed and injured, here at home, by one of their own. Deliberately.

I would like to pay my respect to those who have fallen.

To those who have survived, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your families as you heal and comes to terms with what has happened to you, while you grieve for those who have been lost.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Just Another Little White Lie By Sarah Palin?

You must remember the story. It was so sweet & wonderful. Sarah tells how she asked her kids for a vote on whether or not she should accept the nomination for VP from McCain.

Appearing on Fox last night, Sarah Palin told Sean Hannity a heartwarming story of how she asked her teenage daughters for their opinion before accepting the vp offer."So ask the girls what they thought and they’re like, ‘Absolutely, let’s do this, Mom,’” Palin recounted of her daughters, Bristol and Willow.

Sarah tells of how she asks kids to vote on her acceptance of VP nomination

And Todd tells this story in his interview with Greta Van Sustern;

VAN SUSTEREN: So when did you leave Alaska with the three?
PALIN: It was a Thursday afternoon.
VAN SUSTEREN: Headed for where directly? You went to Ohio?
PALIN: We didn't know where we were going, but that's where we ended up.
VAN SUSTEREN: I mean, you were just told you were going to be picked up and you're going someplace.
VAN SUSTEREN: And so -- and your kids didn't say, you know, Dad, at some point, maybe you ought to tell us where we're going?
PALIN: Well, I kind of fended it off for a while. But you know, we popped in down at Ohio and ran into Sarah, and then, you know, everybody kind of knew why we were there then.
VAN SUSTEREN: Well, so -- so didn't your kids think it was odd that you were on a -- you were on a private plane?
VAN SUSTEREN: They didn't think that was weird, like...
PALIN: No, we kind of spilled the beans a little bit, but not all the details.
VAN SUSTEREN: And none of them...
PALIN: I mean, prior to sitting on that plane.
VAN SUSTEREN: And so when did the kids first finally get the official word?
PALIN: When we got to Ohio.
VAN SUSTEREN: Not until then.
PALIN: Yes. The official word, yes.
VAN SUSTEREN: Because that's a long flight between here and Ohio, where your kids are sitting there. They've been -- their cell phones have been taken away. They think they're going to some 20th anniversary party. Dad's acting a little weird at that point, don't you think?

Todd tells of how the kids found out about Sarah's being chosen for the VP nomination

So this is the story they tell the world, and yet in the recently released book, "Sarah From Alaska", author Shushannah Walshe tells a much different story about how the Palin children found out about their mothers nomination. She states quite deliberately that Sarah Palin did not tell her children, rather it was Steve Schmidt who told the kids. She goes even further saying that the story that Sarah told about asking her kids to vote on the matter might have happened, but even if it did, it was after she had already accepted the job from McCain.

Why does it matter? It matters because it shows a continued pattern of deception and lies told by Sarah Palin to the American people, and it is just another brick in the wall of her many lies that are slowly being revealed to the nation.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Can Someone Please Buy Sarah Palin a Clue?

Sarah Palin made an announcement (or in reality had someone write it up for her) on her Facebook page about an impending announcement by the GOP on their own Health Care Plan.

She had someone write:

Fri at 6:28pm
Mark my words - tomorrow is the game changer! Tune in to hear common sense solutions that bury the false accusations that conscientious members of Congress have no solutions to meet America's health care challenges.

If you're like me, shaking your head wondering why all the miscommunication between Washington and the American people who have been saying, "Please hear what we're saying about our desire for health care reform," then tomorrow will be a refreshing time of clarity for all.

All Americans, and especially colleagues of House Republican Leader John Boehner: please listen to tomorrow's weekly GOP national address. Rep. Boehner will highlight a common sense alternative to Speaker Pelosi's 1,990-page government takeover of health care. I urge you to watch for it. For a preview, go to:

You'll hear solutions. You'll hear of real choices based on America's proven free-market principles. You'll know once and for all what the GOP and Independents have been saying all along about alternatives to another big government take over. After tomorrow, you'll know that accusations against the GOP and Independents for not providing solutions are false. Those claims are bogus. There are alternatives. Tune in to Rep. Boehner's address tomorrow to hear them.

I look forward to the game changer!

- Sarah Palin

You'll hear Solutions she says, Alternatives, Real Choices, it's gonna be a game changer she declares!

So, what happened?

At a press conference this morning, a reporter turned the tables on Boehner and asked whether he’d post the GOP plan for 72 hours. Boehner declined to make such a pledge:

QUESTION: Will the Republicans put their alternative online for 72 hours as well?

BOEHNER: Uh, we’ll uh, we’ll have our ideas ready. Don’t worry.

Why won’t Bohner post the GOP plan? Because he doesn’t have one. Later in the press conference, this minor detail was revealed when a reporter pressed Boehner for a GOP alternative plan:

QUESTION: Is it your plan to have one Republican alternative that you all would get behind and endorse?

BOHNER: We have a number of ideas that we would like to proffer in this process, and we’re not quite sure how the majority intends to proceed. And so until we understand how they intend to proceed, it’s pretty difficult for us to have a solid plan.

The "Game Changer" that Sarah Palin recommends everyone see

So this is her "Game Changer"? This is what she sent people off to watch and touted as the current administrations actual bill? A few ideas that have not been put into anything resembling an actual alternative, and admittance that they have no solid plan as of yet? Hell, I have ideas too, we all do, but that doesn't mean that my ideas are workable solutions, they are just that, ideas.

Is she serious about this? Was this some kind of joke? Does she really consider what Bohner had to say a true alternative to what the Democrats have put together?