Sunday, February 7, 2010

Close Up of Sarah's Cheat Sheet

H/T to Phil Munger @ Progressive AK for this photo.

So these are the things she could not remember?

Budget Cuts

The other two I am unable to be sure of, but still, this is what she needed to have written down to remember? Is she really that stupid? Seriously?


  1. It says "Lift American Spirit"

  2. Looking at it again, I think it says "Lift Americans Spirits"

  3. She's wearing a band on her wrist with her name on it. Did she need to be reminded of that too??

  4. That bracelet has Track's name on it--why? Has he been taken prisoner of war? We know he's missing in action...

  5. I wasn't sure about the writing so I didn't want to guess and be wrong, but I agree that it looks like Lift American Spirits.

    And the bracelet with Tracks name on it is just another way for her to use his service for her own benefit.

    The way she uses her children is sickening, but it is obvious that she will not stop doing it. I've never seen a politician, political figure or even an entertainer behave like that with their children, and yet she wonders why they are talked about so much. Crazy!