Sunday, October 18, 2009

Levi Johnston NOT revealing his Johnson!

Various stories have been popping up on blogs and in the news about Sarah Palin’s daughter’s ex-boyfriend Levi Johnston and his upcoming photo shoot with Playgirl magazine.
There are those who are all for him doing what he can while he can, since right now his name recognition is high, and he is being sought after for many reasons not the least of which is his boyish good looks as well as his previous close relationship with the ex half term Governor Sarah Palin and her family, and an even closer relationship with her daughter Bristol, with whom Levi had a child.

Then there are those who a doing nothing but slamming the kid for making the most of the spotlight the ex half term Governor thrust him into for her own political agenda. He is roundly hated by those who support the ex half term Governor, because they feel he should just slip quietly into the background and never be heard from again. First, let’s address the Playgirl shoot. It was reported last September in Gawker that Levi was indeed doing the Playgirl shoot but that he was NOT, I repeat he was NOT planning on posing in the nude. He will be posing in his “skivvies”, but that is as far as he is willing to go.

Rex Butler:
"There are people out there that want to see such a shoot of Levi
and we are ready to do it if the proposal is right." The only hitch, Levi's not willing to do a nude shoot, only pose in his skivvies.
My opinion is that Levi is going to need to do whatever he can to earn some money now, while he is still a hot commodity, and when that fades away, he can go back to his normal life doing the things he used to do, and have some money in the bank to help him in the future as well as help support his son.
Now on to those who wish he would fade quietly into the background. I say ….if you don’t like it, Thank Sarah Palin as she is the one who trust him into the spotlight. She is the one who made his and Bristol’s life part of her campaign, and then after the campaign was over first defended Levi, and then started lashing out at him when he was no longer under her thumb. In her mind the kid’s were only off limits from discussion when she was happy with them, once she no longer had control or liked what was being said, then all bets were off. When she started in on him, he had every right to start thinking about himself, and to stop taking Sarah Palin’s feelings and career into consideration.
Now many will say that he was and is only hurting himself and his son by his behavior, but I say he isn’t doing any more harm than has already been done by Tripp’s grandmother Palin who saw fit to lash out and trash Levi via her spokesmouth Meg Stapleton prior to Levi even giving his first interview.
Who can blame the kid for wanting to be courted by the media, the Hollywood types who are attracted to his looks as well as his story.

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