Saturday, June 5, 2010

More Attempts by BP to Control the Message & Spin PR in their favor

We've heard about the 50 million BP spent with "Purple Strategies" on a new ad campaign in the hopes of improving their image and trying to convince people that they understand the magnitude of the spill and trying to impress upon people the idea that they will clean it up and "make it right".

We've heard about the efforts to bar photographs of the dead and dying wildlife from getting out to the media in an effort to "control the message" that gets out, no doubt because they don't want people more outraged than they already are.

We've also heard about their efforts to keep people from viewing the spill from the air as well as on the ground by refusing to allow flights if they learn that photographers are on board.  The FFA denies this is the case but has admitted to restrictions over the airspace and when people call for permission they are denied access routinely unless accompanied by either someone from BP or the Coast Guard.

Now we've learned something new.

BP Buys 'Oil' Search Terms to Redirect Users to Official Company Website

BP, the very company responsible for the oil spill that is already the worst in U.S. history, has purchased several phrases on search engines such as Google and Yahoo so that the first result that shows up directs information seekers to the company's official website.
A simple Google search of "oil spill" turns up several thousand news results, but the first link, highlighted at the very top of the page, is from BP. "Learn more about how BP is helping," the link's tagline reads.
A spokesman for the company confirmed to ABC News that it had, in fact, bought these search terms to make information on the spill more accessible to the public.
BP continues to try and control their image which seems to be more important to them than in actually working on cleaning up the disaster they have created and compensating the people whose lives have been destroyed by BP's greed.

This company doesn't seem to grasp the idea that all they are doing is pissing more people off by these tactic's designed to control the message that gets out rather than working towards fixing the problems they have created.

Has no one told them that if they put as much effort into cleaning up the mess as they do trying to control their 'image' they might have gotten a better response from the people?


  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlJune 5, 2010 at 4:43 PM

    OMG! OMFG! the pictures the dolphins gasping for breath suffocating in heart breaks...for all of them every last bird, turtle, dolphin, shrimp, algae all of them....

  2. Sorry sweetheart but the pictures I have posted are of dead dolphins. We've not seen any photo's of dolphins being rescued. I'm sure that at one point they were gasping for breath, but that time is long since over.

    Remember that most of those creatures will never been seen in their death throes as they will die and sink into the water column before we even know about it. We'll never get the true numbers of how many died excruciating deaths suffocating or dying because the oil caused other problems within their systems.

    It is heart-wrenching to be sure and all we can do is watch it get worse and worse because the fact is that we are only going to get to perhaps 10-20% of the total and of those we may only save half, if we are lucky.

  3. Oh Brother. The NEWS just continues TO SPEW OUT when it comes to BP. Fine, screw them and that. But we are past the point of pointing fingers. (not YOU)
    I mean good God, what are we gonna do?!?!?? This is horrific! This is a HOLOCAUST 100 times over!
    God, people in this country are so fucking ignorant. We should be STORMING OUR CAPITOLS, ELECTED OFFICIAL OFFICES, MARCHING IN EVERY GD STREET IN AMERICA!

    But we're not.

    So...WHY NOT is my question. I have neither the resources or energy to plan any such a march, but believe you me...I'm READY TO JOIN any here.

    Eye, you cannot be writing about all this, without it effecting you. I worry about that - and just pray your taking some time "for yourself" too.

    Link at Huffpo...who's still trickling in.

  4. Thanks for getting the word out.

    It is difficult to read all this stuff, sort through it, try and keep track of it without its taking a toll, but when I think about myself I get that guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach and a voice tells me that what I struggle with is nothing compared to those who are dealing with the struggles of losing everything, and what the environment and our wildlife is dealing with so I have decided to plow on and when it gets to be too much, I head to the beach and sit and breathe in the salt air, and watch the water & waves and think of how lucky I am for the moment.

  5. Your so right. This is the most horrific catastrophe in the history of the .... WORLD! There! I'll say it! The friggin world! All for Profit! All for money.

    I hope '12 really does bring the end...because truthfully, I think THIS human race deserves no less than the Rapture.
    I'm at peace with MY God. These people (BP) have NO God, MONEY rules their world. Good luck with that.

  6. I always hope that we can change for the better, and understand what we are doing to the only place we have to live.

    We have to take care of this place and everything on this planet as we being the 'dominant' species are the stewards of this planet. We owe it to ourselves and future generations to ensure that we make it a better place than we found it so to speak.

    I don't have any faith in us as a species changing for the better, but I do have hope.

    It isn't an easy road and sometimes we have to face many hardships, but it is a road well worth traveling.

  7. Say NO to Palin in PoliticsJune 6, 2010 at 1:03 PM

    It's hard to imagine what the ripple effect of this oil disaster will be, and it's just beginning. I fear how far this will go. This is going to affect the entire world in some way or another. I hope they are watching.

    Our country has been teetering on the brink for two years now, with the Republicans holding their breath waiting for the Dems and this President to fail, practically pushing us over the edge......if I hear one more Republican politician criticize President Obama I may scream out loud. I am so sick of it! They can take their pious mind set and shove it you know where.

    It also makes me think someone as dark and evil as Cheney could have orchestrated this, or at the very least he's rubbing his hands with glee. This is another 911 for our country.