Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mass Die Off of Animals Expected As They Try & Run From Contaminated Area's

Dolphins and sharks are showing up in surprisingly shallow water just off the Florida coast. Mullets, crabs, rays and small fish congregate by the thousands off an Alabama pier. Birds covered in oil are crawling deep into marshes, never to be seen again.

Marine scientists studying the effects of the BP disaster are seeing some strange phenomena.

Fish and other wildlife seem to be fleeing the oil out in the Gulf and clustering in cleaner waters along the coast in a trend that some researchers see as a potentially troubling sign.

The animals' presence close to shore means their usual habitat is badly polluted, and the crowding could result in mass die-offs as fish run out of oxygen. Also, the animals could easily get devoured by predators.

"A parallel would be: Why are the wildlife running to the edge of a forest on fire? There will be a lot of fish, sharks, turtles trying to get out of this water they detect is not suitable," said Larry Crowder, a Duke University marine biologist.

The nearly two-month-old oil spill has created an environmental catastrophe unparalleled in U.S. history as tens of millions of gallons of have spewed into the Gulf of Mexico ecosystem. Scientists are seeing some unusual things as they try to understand the effects on thousands of species of marine life.

Oil Spill Forces Animals To Flee To Shallow Water Off Coast, Scientists Warn Of 'Mass Die-Off'

This is what they are running from.........

Isn't this a beautiful sight to behold?  The once crystal blue waters that gave life and was a home to so many beautiful creatures is gone and it is now in its place is this defiled and contaminated prison from which they are trying to flee from just to survive.

What will be left when this is all said and done?  How many will have died? We'll never know because so many will just sink into the oblivion of death in the water without having their numbers counted among the lost.
The sadness of that thought fills me with sorrow.


  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlJune 17, 2010 at 12:33 PM

    I tweeted this to you, don't know if you saw it

    And this one too... :(

  2. If the animals are running, most likely humans should be, too.

  3. crystalwolf,
    Thanks for the links, I had not gotten them as I have been on and off the pc all day. I am working on a post that includes the whale info, but that link will come in handy, and as for the video, I've seen that before but had not included it because I have heard from several people that it isn't actually video of the sea floor but of pieces of the wreckage from the rig, so I wanted to wait to put it up until I could get more information on it.

  4. Anonymous,

    Why should the people be running? Do they live in the middle of the water like the sea life do?