Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disaster In The Gulf June 15 Updated Photos & Graph's

This is an updated look at the fishing closure in the gulf along with the projected path of the oil.  The link below the picture takes you to the site called GeoPlatform.  It allows you to add or subtract layers as you wish, allows you to zoom in or out, and gives you the legend for the different keys you want displayed and will be updated regularly.


Some of the newest photos from the gulf.........

Louisiana Coast along Bartataria Bay, June 8th.
These wetlands and marshes will never be able to be cleaned without doing more damage to them. They will die. They will immediately become food and that is the extent of what they can do as they will not come back, they will be gone so there will be no protection to the small animals that once called this place home. Their death will also remove the anchor holding the sand and dirt in place which will now start to erode away.

This is an infographic I posted previously but it shows just how the oil impacts the marshes:

This is what greed does.......

Do the animals stand a chance up against this?..............

Remember all those horrible pictures of the Brown Pelicans sitting on the marshes with their chicks and the nests full of eggs?  Well those mature pelicans are going to have to go obtain food for their young, and to do that they will dive into the water, using their bills to scoop up the fish into their pouch with the water, then they tip the water out keeping only the fish.  When doing this, they will obviously be ingesting the oil in the water. That is what they have to do in order to not only survive but to feed their young as well.

An un-oiled Brown Pelican looks like this........

but this is the image we are coming to see as indicative of what Brown Pelican's look like in the Gulf now.....

The Oil, its everywhere.  There seems to be no escape from it.
And this is how BP is having folks clean it up............., on top of ineffective booms that are laid down and not checked on again, and the endless shoveling along with the apparently ineffective skimmers that are far too few and not making even a small dent in the large scale disaster, now they are using absorbent  pads. The equivalent of paper towels.   You can see how well they are working.

Dolphin leaping up in Bartataria Bay, Florida.  They rise to the surface to breath and are breathing in all those fumes, not to mention the oil in the water that is going to permeate their skin.

One of two one-ton masses of tarball material recovered south of Perdido Pass, Fla., by the crew of the lift boat Sailfish, a Vessel of Opportunity working in the largest oil spill response in U.S. history, on Saturday, June 11, 2010.

This is one of TWO recovered tar balls each weighing one ton.  ONE TON!  That is aprox. 2000 pounds.  


  1. Absolutely devastating. And not one news report talks about the damage done to the food chain (in effect, this blowout has destroyed it); and very little about how the oil will eventually eat up the internal organs of the creatures being "cleaned" and will kill them in the end anyway.

    It was mentioned on either Keith or Rachel's show (I was watching in the middle of the night here) that even as the "relief" wells are being drilled, they can suffer the same lack of safety issues as the Deepwater Horizon itself. So they are no guarantee that more damage might not be done.

    IMHO, all drilling in the Gulf must be stopped, and the politicians and oil companies can go to hell.

    We simply must change the way we live, and what we depend upon to exist.


  2. crystalwolf aka caligrlJune 15, 2010 at 10:21 AM

    Oil hearing...D's Every-single oilwell is a "oilspill"
    R's still want drill baby drill and moratorium is a "knee jerk reaction"....
    R's mad Obama is blaming on bush, boo Hoo, god they are stupid.

  3. Thanks for the link Caligrl, but I cannot listen to that. I have no desire to listen to the CEO's of these companies tell our elected officials of just how safe drilling really is if done correctly, and how this was not the norm.

    There is a pervasive and known issue with safety within in these companies, and they are dedicated to their bottom line first and foremost with everything else coming secondary to that. Safety will ALWAYS come second to making more money.

  4. crystalwolf aka caligrlJune 15, 2010 at 1:04 PM

    A Rep Butterfield (sp) had a good opening comment"If you can't plug the hole, don't drill the well" and Rachel Maddow said that also on her show last night.
    But $ is the bottom line and all the Rigs are "Taking their toys and going somewhere else" b/c of the moratorium which will be blamed on POTUS, I think BP should have to pay for a unemployment fund for these displaced oil workers. Until they can totally control a deepwater spill like what has happened all offshore drilling should be stopped...NOW!

  5. crystalwolf aka caligrlJune 15, 2010 at 1:08 PM

    They keep saying they will deploy the rigs elsewhere, now tell me...they can move the rigs find a place to drill, get permits all within 6 mos? Liars they are trying to spread fear!

  6. OT I tried to email you but can't get my gmail account to work. I almost always use surfpnsbch@hotmail.com with any comments and it isn't working here. My apologies.
    What I want to know is do you have any information on James Fox a producer of at least one documentary. I've been trying to find out if he is credible but kind of got jumped on at palingates when I asked. He's putting some scary stuff out there via a site called The Veritis Show hosted by a guy named Mel Fabregas. They are saying that BP (?) is having dispersants sprayed on coastal areas in the middle of the night. And that the planes are spraying residential areas. Do you know if this is just another one of the rumors like the coast being evacuated?
    You must be so very busy and what you are doing is so important and I appreciate it immensely. Hope I'm not taking up too much time asking about this.
    Any information you have is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

  7. g'day Eye, I hope your health is improving but I see you're not getting much sleep.

    I uploaded this for you.

  8. surfpnsbch,
    Email Sent To You! :)

    Hi Aussie,

    Health is slowly returning, but getting more sleep would indeed help that along. Sadly right now I tend to have nightmares due to the spill and as a result don't sleep nearly enough.

    Thanks for the upload! Much appreciated! :)

  9. Older_Wiser,

    I too wish that more in the media would pick up on the discussion on the damage that is being done to the marshes. I don't think people realize just how devastating this is going to be due to that fact alone. Yes, this entire spill is going to change the face of the Gulf, but the loss of the marshes is going to be incredible, and it will change the way the chain of life works in the gulf once so much is lost.

  10. Don't know where your email went but I can't find it. But thanks for replying anyway. I've been talking to people and looking for information about what is going on. Today I found out that "someone" is definitely spraying "something" late at night along the coast of Alabama. Someone I know lives on Perdido Bay and says that the spray is done at night and has a peculiar smell. At first they thought that it was the usual mesquito spraying that is usually done this time of year but that is never done from aircraft. Also that a fellow condo owner(on the first floor) came home to find that yellow caution tape had been put up around her balcony, denying her access to the beach. She didn't know who put it up or really why.
    I will keep on asking questions and looking into whatever I can and let you know what is happening here. So far no night time spraying of anything near here.
    Also, volunteers are being turned away with no explanation and no offers of employment. My friend has 9 years experience in saving turtles and caring for them and he was turned down also with no explanation.
    At Bayou Chico which is "cleaning area" and training area,and a block from where I live,92 employees were let go because supposedly their training had been somehow compromised by a trainer who was not property certified. These people were not warned before hand and were not offered the correct training. Just told to "go". This was published in the Pensacola News Journal Sunday addition. PNJ.com
    People's hands are tied and they don't know why. A marina owner on P Beach said he could only call a number when he saw oil and wasn't supposed to clean it up. It took over 5 hours to get a response. His marina is on P Beach but has access only to the Sound not the Gulf.

    Don't know if you are familiar with the area but it's sort of like a sandwich. Starting at the south is the Gulf then the barrier island (Santa Rosa Island) where Pensacola Beach is located. Then the Sound (Santa Rosa Sound). Then the strip of land where Gulf Breeze is located then another bay (East Bay) and then on the north edge the mainland. There is oil in the Sound already. It has come through Pensacola Pass and entered Pensacola Bay and the Sound.
    This is probably way more information than you wanted to know but just thought I'd pass it on.

    Thanks so much for all you do. I hadn't realized you were not well. Surely hope you are improving. My prayers are with you.
    Surfpnsbch Sara