Sunday, June 13, 2010

BP Builds City For Clean Up Workers Of Gulf Oil Spill

BP Builds City For Clean Up Workers.   We've seen the attempts to ban media from talking to the crews, to keep people from getting photographic evidence of how much damage is being done, to the Gulf, to the wetlands, to the coast, to the sea & wildlife that are washing up dead and dying.  BP has been able to take complete control of this situation and keep a lid on information getting out.  They have done this right from the start and seem to be doing so with the blessing of our own government.  They refused to turn over paperwork, they refused to change dispersant's, they have withheld the ROV footage of the underwater event and efforts to contain and/or cap the well.  They have done everything possible to keep total control over everything revolving around this catastrophe.

CNN has video showing the construction of a small city that BP is building to house the clean up crews. In a two week time frame they took 32 acres and created a "small city".

Based on what is stated in the video, it will hold 1500 workers, with laundry facilities, dining facilities and even its own police force.

This absolutely infuriates me.  In my opinion this time, effort and money could have been better spent elsewhere, especially in light of the piss-poor effort that BP has been putting into the clean up.

These clean up crews could be staying in the motels and hotels that have lost business due to beach closures, and the loss of tourism, which would help those people out tremendously.  The restaurants that are losing business left and right could be feeding these people.  The amount of equipment and effort being poured into building this housing project could be diverted to help with the clean up efforts.

BP is also providing a police presence which in my opinion is going to be nothing more than a security force designed to keep a lid on the flow of information.  

Rules will include no alcohol allowed "in the city".   That seems to be another "control".  Keep people from having alcohol, and then you have better control over them.  But I have to wonder, are they going to prevent people from leaving this city and going out where they can get alcohol?   Are they going to provide transportation out of the "village" for these workers? Will they be able to bring in their own transportation to come and go as they please?

This seems to me to be nothing more than an attempt to keep control of the workers from going out and blowing off steam and potentially talking to the media or the locals. Regardless of what the plan here was, it is obvious that this is a well thought out plan that has been rushed to completion, and yet we are still not seeing this kind of effort put into the clean up of the Gulf.



  1. Oh. My. God. This is wrong on so many levels, it defies belief! CONTROL is right. That HAS to be the plan. What's worse, as you said, it will take income businesses COULD HAVE MADE out of their hands!!
    UnFriggin' believable.

    More and more, I'm starting to think that Obama is not even close to what I thought he was. He's losing me on almost a daily basis. I cry for our country...for what COULD HAVE been if he'd taken PROGRESSIVE control. I do NOT like his response to this spill at all!!

    Read a good one at BuzzFlash this morn...along with the comments, which will give a good insite to WHAT I'm feeling these days.

    Obama Needs to Decide Which Side He's On: Corporatist or Populist. Time is Running Out

    BP go screw yourself.
    And the well continues to spew and spew and spew.
    God help us.

  2. And will the residents of the "village" have a number instead of a name?

    Thank you Eye. I follow you as this unfolds.