Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sarah Palin Book Full of Lies & Campaign Emails Prove it!

Excerpts of Sarah Palin's new book, which has yet to be released, are being fact checked by everyone and their brother, but the latest information provided by McCain campaign staffers offers proof of her lies.

The Huffington Post has obtained internal McCain campaign emails -- addressed to
and by the former vice presidential candidate -- that directly contradict or
cast serious doubt on several of Palin's assertions. The emails were passed
along by a mid-level staffer who called early excerpts of "Going Rogue", a
serious mixing of truth and imagination."

On the condition that it could
be quoted but not re-published, the McCain staffer also provided the email that
Schmidt sent to Palin and her staff after she was prank called by someone
pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy

"Who set this up? Are
you kidding me? Did it occur to anyone that the french president wouldn't be
looking to have a conversation with the vicepresidential candidate 3 days before
the election," Schmidt writes. "From this moment forward, no interview occurs
without my direct signoff. Nothing. I want to know the exact details of this. I
want to know who is responsible."

In "Going Rogue", the anecdote is
painted in a drastically different setting and context. For starters, Palin
writes that Schmidt called her, something that two McCain aides (including the
one who provided the email) insist never happened. "He never called screaming at
her," said one of the aides, who was traveling with Palin at the time. "There
was no phone call."

Moreover, in Going Rogue, Palin recalls Schmidt
screaming directly at her, so much so that it "blew my hair back." In actuality,
the irritation was directed at the staffers, the aide said. "He was expressing
his anger to staff. And did it over email."

Finnally, the McCain aide
sends over a third email that shows a late-in-the-campaign Palin grateful for
the work done by Schmidt and others and cognizant of her "blundered-up" media
appearances. The occasion was a sit-down interview that the vice presidential
candidate had done with ABC's Elizabeth Vargas on October 29, in which it was
reported (widely out of context) that Palin was already thinking about running
for president in 2012.

"I am very sorry," Palin writes to Nicolle
Wallace, Steve Schmidt, and Rick Davis, with her husband, Todd, cc:ed. "u guys
are working double-triple time on this blundered-up stuff that they spin bc of
my visits w press - while I apologize I say I love you guys!!!"

Emails prove Sarah can't tell the truth


  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlNovember 14, 2009 at 11:06 PM

    Ah!!!! The weekend's not even over...and Let the factchecking begin... :D
    She can't weasel out of it...her own words in blk and wht!!!
    I think quite a few people are holding back until the book drops then "kerPow!"
    She is going to be toast...burnt toast! My hope is that "O" is seeing this fact check and will get pissed enough to pull the show!!!!
    I can dream...can't I? You betcha!!!

  2. I find it truly humorous that she lies about things that are so easily proven to be lies. It really makes you wonder what is wrong with her, but the bottom line is that she is just continuing to prove that she is not someone who should EVER be in a position of power.

  3. She'll just tell the 'bots that the McCain staffers changed her emails to make her look bad. Obviously, they are jealous or possessed by evil spirits or something.