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Palin Fans React To Released Clips From Oprah & Excerpts From Palin's Book

As we all know Sarah Palin has had someone write a book for her, which is titled Going Rogue: An American Life. It is due to be released November 17th. She has released some information about interviews she is doing for her "book tour", and one of those is with Oprah Winfrey.

Well, in the last 24 hours, clips from the Oprah interview have been released, teasers if you will, but it also being reported that someone from AP (Associated Press) has gotten ahold of a copy of her book and is sharing some of the information from the book.

So far, what we have learned is that the book is 400+ pages long, with only 5 chapters, and has a 16 page insert of color photos (no mention of what those pictures might be of), and that the book has no index. We've also learned that Sarah is using her book to do exactly what a great many people expected her to do. Retaliate against those she feel have wronged her, and to cry victim all over again.

The good thing about this book is that it has been printed. She can't go back and change it now. She can't try and say that she was misquoted, taken out of context, or edited to make her look bad. This is HER book. These are the words she has put her name on (for a price of course), and will have to stand by these words.

For that reason alone I am looking forward to the fall out that comes with the full release of this book.

So, in one of the two clips released by Oprah from the interview, Oprah asks about the Katie Couric interview. Sarah admits it was bad. She says she knew right away it was bad, but that the McCain campaign staffers told her it was good, and that she was showing the world her true self and it was what the people wanted to see.

She also speaks of Levi Johnston:

via The Insider

H/T to Bree Palin for the video location.

Now, as to the excerpts from the book. Well, it really is nothing more than what most people who are realistic about Sarah figured it to be. A childish and petty attempt to lash out at those people who she feels "done her wrong". According to the AP who obtained a copy of the book, these are some of the comments.

She describes Couric as condescending, biased and "badgering." She contends the anchor chose "gotcha" moments while leaving the candidate's more substantive remarks on the cutting room floor.

Palin takes another dig at Couric while asserting her expertise on energy matters. She writes that she was shocked Couric had asked her which newspapers and magazines she read; given what she called Couric's lack of knowledge about energy issues, Palin wondered whether she should have asked the news anchor what she read.

AP talks about the Palin Book

Is anyone really surprised that this would be the claims made by Sarah? After all, she has proven she has that "mean girl" streak in her. Remember her interview with John Zeigler? When she was discussing Katie Couric, her comment was "Because you aren't the center of the universe Katie". It also goes to show her lack of decorum, and her inability to control her temper when dealing with issues that she doesn't like or that bother her. That is not what should be considered "bonus points" for a politician.

So how are the fans reacting?

Oh-oh; Nicole Wallace is going to get it from both sides. If true, this is what Palin writes about Wallace, Couric and her:

"She writes at length about Couric. She says that the idea to meet with Couric came from McCain campaign aide Nicolle Wallace, who told Palin that Couric - also a working mother - liked and admired her. It would be a favor to Couric, too, whom Palin notes had the lowest ratings of the network anchors. Wallace said Couric suffered from low self-esteem. And Palin replied that she almost began to "feel sorry" for Couric."

More at link:
Today, 5:26:26 PM

poor Nicolle! :(
Today, 5:27:56

I love the dig Palin got in about Couric's low ratings. :)
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What about the "low self-esteem? OUCH
Today, 5:55:30 Liked by yogi41 Mia

ooooooooops....Katie Cougar and Nickie...get BUSTED!!!...hehehe..
Today, 5:29:11 Liked by Bestbud

After watching the clips.... Can't wait to see the whole thing... hear the laughter...self deprecating humor of which she is so good at.

A more confident women... is there one?

Certainly not a liberal, so called, feminist otherwise she would be stiff, cold and corps like.... Geez! a mannequin is preferable to their uppity-up-pence!
Jealousy has got to be a big factor for liberal women... maybe even more so with conservatives and independent women than we(ME) thinks.

What do the barbarian babes of C4P think?... I mean I know you gals love her, but why does Sarah not get better reviews from women in general?

Today, 5:34:18

Can you say GREEN???? Woman are so jealous of her. They look at her and would give anything to look that good and do the things she does and they feel so jealous. They have no reason to hate her she has done nothing to them. You might disagree with her political postions but get with it women...seprate the two things...don't be so small.
Today, 6:08:38

I knew it was Nicole Wallace from day 1..I knew that woman was up to no good. She was a romneybot who loved Romney and wanted to destroy the McCain campaign. McCain was such a dummy that he hired her, knowing she loved Romney. Good God the McCain campaign will go down in history as the most horrendous campaign ever run. Blind squirrels could have done a better job
Today, 5:37:46 Liked by AndreaB

It drives me nuts when Hannity has Wallace on his show.
Nicole Wallace=Weasel
Today, 5:56:51

She looks wonderful and I cannot believe that the McCain campaign made her pay for her own vetting. That is beyond belief and that lowers my opinon of McCain into the minus 0 category. Beyond belief; never heard of such a thing. Pathetic.
Today, 5:39:53

Look who is in Alaska right now, that schmuck Obama..I wonder if he is gonna mention anything about Sarah..yeah like Obama really gives a rats behind about Alaska
Today, 5:41:10

Nope, and he even forgot Mark Begich's name until the T scrolled up and gave it to him.

Phew! Fox just left him ...
Today, 5:46:13

At least Begich showed up. The governor couldn't make the 5 mile trip.
Today, 6:22:24

Do you mean Sean Parnell? How do you know, pray tell, that Obama invited him?

If you mean Sarah Palin, how, pray tell, do you know if she's in AK?

That was not one of you more reasonable troll comments ...
Today, 6:44:45

I'm referring to Mr. Parnell. He was invited but had a luncheon meeting with contractors. It is traditional that when the President visits a state that the governor greets him. This was President Obama's first visit to Alaska.
Today, 6:50:08

Look, ya silly concern Trooooollllllll, first, his name/title is GOVERNOR Parnell and second, the Obomination is not "visiting" our great state but stopping in just to refuel so he can continue on to Asia to apologise for America some more and beg for more loans. Also, how do you know about this luncheon with contractors? Are you (the granny from Oregon) one of them? Are you simply STALKING Governor Parnell? Or are you being fed mis-information from one of those sociopathic Alaskan ankle-biter/Bloggers? Whatever the case, I would rather MY GOVERNOR was at a luncheon attending to the business of MY STATE than anywhere near that Obomination masquuerading as my President.
Today, 9:11:13

Does anyone know how long ago this trip with "The One" was planned?? Is something important going on in Asia??? Do you think it was to get out of the USA while Sarah is having the spot light?? If he stayed in the US he might get bad press while she is getting good press and the only way for him to get good press is to go overseas.
Today, 6:10:44

NObama is so afraid of Sarah, he won't even say her name!
Think about it--he's never dignified her by saying her name one time and it's been over a year!
Today, 6:49:23

I think it is safe to say that Katie is still suffering from low self-esteem.
Based on her ratings.
Today, 5:42:05 Liked by riley4palin cookboy

Bill in Baltimore
Well, I think the teasers (Catie Kouric and Levi) tell what Oprah is up to. Wonder if they talk about how a hockey mom went from town council to mayor to exposing corruption, taking on an incumbent governor of her own party and beating him, getting the natural gas pipeline deal, you know - stuff like that.

Sarah = beautiful

Oprah = not so much
Today, 5:43:05


Ain't gonna happen. O's audiences likes the "fluff" pieces.

The more serious stuff will come up probably starting with Baba Walters and then onto the FOXNEWS interviews.
Today, 5:58:16

Bill in Baltimore
I'm not talking about policy debates, I'm talking about a woman who juggled home and work and is beautiful. That's fluff ?
Today, 8:16:00

Pay-up.... Johnny Mac!!!...Be A MAN!!!!
Today, 5:43:35 Liked by Beehive

No wonder McCain is worried about this book. Even if she doesn't smack him (which she won't because she is loyal) this is making him look really bad. What do they say about the company you keep. And this is worse he picked these goons.
Today, 5:50:13

Beehive...I'm so PO'd...if this is true...If Mac did this...He is a worthless human being...UGH!!!!
Today, 6:11:53

Let me just say as a woman (sorry men), doesn't this Nicole and Couric "dish" beat the hell out of:

1) A really good piece of chocolate
2) A hot bubble bath
3) A sappy Sandra Bullock movie
4) A day of shopping

Man oh' Man.....Governor Palin is the best.


Thank you Governor for propping up the Obama Administration. At least your book sales will keep the economy from the abyss for awhile.
Today, 5:43:53 Liked by Whitney Bill in Baltimore

It's unbelievable that Palin would be expected to cover the cost of her own vetting. Something has to be wrong about that statement. Isn't that something the campaign did BEFORE McCain picked her? That has to be one of the costs a campaign covers. Did the other possible candidates for VP get billed for their vetting? I'm beyond confused.
Today, 5:45:19

There's this embarassing press conference at Elmendorf, by Obama, going on right now. No way can servicemen be that enthusiastic about him, after the Afghanistan & BMD decisions
Today, 5:46:23

Money Maven
I am also shocked that Gov Palin waa left to pay that huge 500K VP vetting bill. The way the MSM attacked this woman from her hair to her thiness after the election not knowing how she would pay off her bills.

Palin was not a rich woman when she was chosen to be VP. I bet she and Todd spent many days living frugally to feed their kids and pay bills. I have even more respect for her.
Today, 5:48:58

So, basically this was a "pity interview", by Governor Palin.
Today, 5:49:41

Isn't it Nicole Wallace that's been on Hannity's Great American Panel so many times?... He has got to hammer her... if so!
Today, 5:50:00

Yes, for some reason Hannity finds it necessary to have Nicole Wallace on his show every week or two.

I'm not sure Hannity has it in him to take her on point by point. He really should call in re-inforcements and get Coulter on with Wallace. LMAO
Today, 5:57:07


Oh!... Coulter in Wallace would be great... Wallace surely will have to answer Sarah's comments... might be interesting
Today, 6:10:40

LOL, Nancy, and it still didn't work for Katie, Redstone is just about burning cash, in order to keep her in the contract
Today, 5:55:03

Yeah, I expect Oprah to have the highest ratings ever much like SNL did when Palin was on last year.
Today, 5:59:22 Liked byNancy

I hope she goes back on SNL.
Today, 6:17:57

I looove it!....."low self esteem"....:-)
Today, 5:59:58


Nicole Wallace has quit her job as a Republican strategist and will be a contestant on the next "Survivor".

Good luck with her Probst. She is a piece of work. I say feed her the Monkey liver and Fish intestines on the third day if she makes it out of Tribal Council alive.
Today, 6:04:30 PM

Bill in Baltimore
Oprah, always the optimist.

She asks Sarah if she'll invite Levi over for Thanksgiving. Always put Sarah on the spot, never would it dawn on Oprah that Levi has shown no clue about anything decent ? Did Oprah bring out the dirt on Levi ? I'm betting "no"
Today, 6:07:50 PM

Some boob at FOX just put a picture of the cover of "Going Rouge" up when Bret Baier was talking about Sarah's book tour instead of her book, "Going Rogue". How dumb is that!
Today, 6:28:54

Is anyone watching Fox news? I give up on Brett Baier. He just did a piece on her book tour and HE HAD A COVER UP OF GOING ROUGE, the hit piece book!

I'm convinced that since Fox's meeting with the WH, they have decided to go the MSM route to be considered a "real news network." So disappointing ...
Today, 6:29:21

Wow, that is another mistake they did. Someone needs to get fired. On Hannity's show, instead of showing the crowd for Bachman's rally, the showed 9/12. John Stewart called Fox out on it; and Hannity was good enough to apologize; but someone seems to be messing crap up on purpose......
Today, 6:31:56 PM

WaPo has the AP article up, says '1/10 of the $500,000 tab' was for McCain only stuck her for 50 grand, not $500K.
Today, 6:29:55 PM

Wow you guys HAVE to see hardball. The male author of the recent Sarah book already saying that an anonymous mccain staffer alread said Sarah lied about the 50 K
Today, 7:20:37

Good thing Sarah names names and not anonymous. THe person that told her that will have to answer.
Today, 7:25:35

oh brother.
Today, 7:33:17

here we go with the anonymous crap again. These idiost in the McCain campaign have NO Balls, if they did, they would name themselves
Today, 7:34:43

Another anonymous mccain staffer? Sheesh!
If I understand this, it seems to me that all Sarah has to do is produce an invoice or a canceled check and the case is closed.
Today, 7:38:35

Jack White
That should be easy to disprove. I'm willing to bet that Sarah saves her bills. Why would an anonymous lie about something that she can easily prove with paper work?

Stooopid anonymous dummy.
Today, 7:44:51 PM

I just replayed the clip and the little dweebs actual words were "a senior mccain official"said the accusations were untrue.

Phrases synonymous with "senior mccain official"

a)lying scum weasel b) back stabber c) community organizer
Today, 7:46:27 PM

the basic gist of the odonnel/matthews meme was that Sarah's book is more interested in getting payback against mccain staffers, couric and gibsonas opposed to putting across policy decisions that would lead to a presidential bid.

No sooner had Sarah said she wouldn't mind having levi over for thanksgiving when norah "bitter" odonnel jumped in mid clip and said what Sarah was saying wasnt true. Instead that Sarah "loved drama" and had done everything to call him a loser and "smash" him.

The segment is right at the beginning of Hardball if you wish to opine.
Today, 7:52:36 PM

So those are a sampling of the reactions BEFORE they find out that the AP was incorrect on the vetting cost. It was originally reported that Sarah Palin was claiming $500,000.00 was charged to her by the McCain campaign for her vetting, when in reality Palin claims that the McCain campaign charged her $50,000.00. The correction was made, and also reported is that

“I can confirm that she was not billed for any vetting costs by the campaign,” said Trevor Potter, the campaign’s general counsel. “I do not know if she was billed by her own lawyer for his assistance to her in the vetting process, but from the excerpt that has been read to me by the AP, it sounds as if that is what she is describing.”

So what is the response after they find out this information?

And she says that most of her legal bills were generated defending what she called frivolous ethics complaints, but she reveals that about $500,000 was a bill she received to pay for the McCain campaign vetting her for the VP nod.

She said when she asked the McCain campaign if it would help her financially, she was told McCain's camp would have paid all the bills if he'd won; since he lost, the vetting legal bills were her responsibility.

Oh. My. God.
Today, 6:54:27 PM

ITS ON!!!!
Today, 7:03:21

Well, I hope Guest is right. $500,000 alone for vetting seems way out of line. But even if it's $50K that still should have been paid by the McCain campaign. They really did treat her badly. Looks like pay-back time is right around the corner. Finally.
Today, 7:03:59 PM

I can see Couric slidding down from her chair. LOL! But she'll come back with revenge. She has friends in the media who will do anything to get back at Palin.
Today, 9:28:54 PM

The $500,000 vetting bill is OUTRAGEOUS!

First of all, NO VP candidate should ever have to pay for the vetting bill because their team lost, regardless of what party you're in and the financial status of the individual.

Second, they asked her to pay the vetting bill after the MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars SHE helped raised when she joined the ticket?


My question is, did John McCain know about this, or was this the ploy of her enemies within the campaign to stick it to her? I can't imagine this is normal practice for any campaign. And if McCain was not aware of this, did Sarah talk to him about it?

We still have to read the book to find out what really happened. The article only mentioned a small part of the story but provided no resolution to the story. Maybe it was all resolved in the end. I certainly hope so, otherwise it would look REALLY REALLY BAD for McCain and the entire campaign operation.
Today, 7:07:49

She shouldn't even have to pay $5 for the vetting bill, let alone $5,000, $50,000 or $500,000.
Today, 7:13:58

Whether she had to pay the full "vetting" bill or even a portion, I can't imagine why she would turn around and give PAC $ to McLame. Something doesn't make sense here.

So glad she mentions Nicolle Wallace by name. Every time I see her on Hannity I flip the channel.

Okra seemed rather flat in her post-show interview. Couldn't tell whether she was just depressed, tired or dissatisfied that she couldn't have achieved a different result for Princess Barry.
Today, 7:18:19 PM

Stiffed for the 500k vetting bill??? WTF???? Is McLame that much of a Scrooge??? Sheeesh!!!!
Today, 7:22:04

There are two different ways to see this Katie Couric interview.
When Governor Palin said she knew it wasn't going well, she is saying that Katie Couric was out for gotcha answers, and not giving up a line of questioning when Governor Palin had already answered the question every which way but Sunday. Governor Palin saw right through Katie's biased journalism. That is why she didn't see the need to go back for the 3rd, 4th and 5th segments. And her instincts were clearly right, when it was reported later that Katie Couric bad prepped for the interview with one of Obama's former advisors.
What people think she is meaning is, that she knew it wasn't going well from how she was coming off to the audience, perspective. Which, there was probably some of that in her thinkinng as well, because she was getting frustrated and annoyed with the attitude that Katie was displaying to her, but that the audience would not see.
Couple all that with the editing job CBS did, and it was a pure Obama loving, liberal smear job by Katie and CBS Evening News.
Today, 7:27:19

I don't think Governor Palin thought she had necessarily given poor answers, but maybe she felt that the environment of the interview was frustrating her to the point, where she was delivering her answers poorly.
Today, 7:32:51 PM

Recovering Democrat
I'm a journalist, and one my personal rules is I don't set out to make my interview subjects LOOK bad. The first thing I learned about interviewing in journalism school was to build rapport. Granted, I'm more a a feature writer and I now do business journalism, but even in political reporting, your goal should not to make someone look bad. Your goal is to help your audience gain understanding that would help them make a decision. What Katie and Charlie did was pursue lines of questioning that far-left LIBERAL audience members would find important - but they did not ask Sarah anything about her ACTUAL record in Alaska, that might have showed her as a pragmatic leader with a reputation for working with Democrats to achieve meaningful reform in her state.

Furthermore, they did not ask the kind of rapport-building questions that they had asked Obama and Biden. I think that's what Sarah was really saying: Katie and I didn't hit it off. There was no rapport. That's what she meant by "bad interview." And shame on the McCain people for being so obtuse.
Today, 7:55:37

I think Katie tried to get to know her by asking her what she reads, but at the same time Katie also badgered her with the abortion issue (trying to get into a debate) beforehand. In "Sarah From Alaska," it was said that Palin thought the interview didn't go well, but the staffers said it wasn't so bad, so to go out there again, which she didn't want to, but they told her she had to or all is doomed or something. They didn't mind the Gibson interview. They thought that was ok, so that was why the Katie Couric interview was set up.
Today, 9:32:42

Whether it's $50,000 or $500,000, Palin should not have to pay a single cent. No wonder McCain didn't look too happy when he was asked about the book.
Today, 7:27:42 PM– Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate jimr3
I see other news organizations reporting $50,000. But your right, the campaign should have paid the bill if election law would allow for it.

By the way, a senior McCain campaign official disputes the claim (any bets that it's Steve Schmidt?).
Today, 8:08:51

I guessing that is the Troopergate part where they tried to help her clear her name.
Today, 9:33:54 PM

Re: McCain bill:

Who did the lawyers represent?

Does this violate legal ethics?

Was there notice to all potential VPs?

Was there a contract?

Is this a violation of McCain-Feingold?

Is not charging for it a violation?

Did McCain commit, or induce Sarah to commit, a crime? (pay to play)

I am outraged.
Today, 7:42:14

I don't get the anonymous source explanation. The story went from Sarah saying the McCain campaign charged her for her own vetting by the campaign to the anonymous source saying Sarah tried to charge the McCain campaign for her troopergate investigation. This does not make any sense to me. Guess we will have to read the book to find out what she really said. Since we know the press makes up stories, there is no other choice.
Today, 8:22:16

I remembered at one point (I don't know where I read or heard this), but that she thought the McCain campaign would pay for part of the Troopergate investigation to clear her name since this was a political move by the Democratic operatives. She thought that the McCain camp would use its funds to fight false allegations, etc because it was part of the dirty politics in the election.

I guess we'll have to wait for the book to find out what she meant.
Today, 9:53:41 PM

Bill in Baltimore
Notice how O tried to "paint" Sarah ?

She asked Sarah if the Kouric interview was a "seminal, defining moment [in her life] "
- wtf ?

Sarah: "yes, O, I definitely think that dumb interview defined me. And now, I'm about to define to you how I got the nickname "Barracuda"
Today, 8:54:55

I didn't like that part of Oprah's question. To be honest, I didn't even like Sarah's answer to that question much. Maybe I'm just sick of Katie Couric. I wish they would stop talking about her.
Today, 9:12:07

To the Democrats the Katie Couric moment was a defining moment in Palin's downfall. I was still an Obama supporter (though not a big one) at that time. I remembered this was the leading story after the SNL imitation and that led up to the VP debate where the Democrats were waiting for Sarah to slip up. It was like watching the Super Bowl. I remembered feeling really bad for her at this point. The VP debate was the defining moment for me in converting to Palinism.
Today, 9:58:31

It confirms what I suspected. Nicolle Wallace betrayed Sarah by getting her guard down before an interview that she knew her friend Katie was going to use to ambush Sarah. Why? Because she and Schmidt and probably others had already thrown in the towel on the campaign since it was probably after the economic meltdown. She betrayed the woman she was entrusted to.

F**k Wallace and Schmidt forever.
Today, 9:09:33

I think what happened there was that Nicole Wallace and Katie Couric are friends, so Nicole did that as a favor to Katie not knowing that Katie would ambush Sarah. I doubt Nicole would want to spoil McCain's chance of winning. But that was indeed nasty of Nicole to think Katie Couric would be friendly towards Sarah. Nicole had told Sarah that Katie Couric needed a ratings boost and that Katie admires Sarah, so Sarah being Sarah went out and helped not knowing that Katie Couric is in fact a witch in disguise. That was very wrong of Nicole.
Today, 10:02:35

Schmidt is indeed a piece of tard.
Today, 10:07:00

That is wrong for the palin's to have to pay. I saw the $500,000 and knew it was a typo or the total amount of all legal bills. Yet,let's think. 50,000 is what percentage of the Palin's income in a year? Sarah made $125,000, Todd made what maybe 85,000 total fishing and Slope job. WOW. That has to be nerve racking. Add on the frivolous ethics charges cost and I imagine Sarah was afraid she was going to lose her house, literally.

Brilliant to step down.
Today, 9:36:47 PM

So let's assess.

The McCain campaign says that Sarah Palin was NEVER CHARGED for the vetting of her, and that she may be talking about money she was charged by her own lawyer for his help to her, and yet the Palin fans are upset about her possibly having to pay that money? So they think, like Palin if reports are accurate, that the McCain campaign should pay her attorney for work he did for her? Really?

But then, what's this?

As you probably have heard, the AP snagged a copy of my memoir, Going Rogue, before its Tuesday release. And as is expected, the AP and a number of subsequent media outlets are erroneously reporting the contents of the book. Keep your powder dry, read the book, and enjoy it! Lots of great stories about my family, Alaska, and the incredible honor it was to run alongside Senator John McCain.

We can't wait to hit the road and meet so many on the book tour! See you in Michigan first...

- Sarah Palin

Uh oh, Sarah Palin is angry and you won't like her when she's angry! Nor her fans either. Here is the post made on the Conservatives For Palin website regarding this comment.

Friday, November 13, 2009
We Won't Just Keep Our Powder Dry - We'll Fight!
By the Editors

The Governor just posted this to her Facebook page:

As you probably have heard, the AP snagged a copy of my memoir, Going Rogue, before its Tuesday release. And as is expected, the AP and a number of subsequent media outlets are erroneously reporting the contents of the book. Keep your powder dry, read the book, and enjoy it! Lots of great stories about my family, Alaska, and the incredible honor it was to run alongside Senator John McCain.

We can’t wait to hit the road and meet so many on the book tour! See you in Michigan first...

- Sarah Palin

Basically, the AP just pulled a Pearl Harbor-like sneak attack on the Governor. They bought a copy of her book illegally on the black market. You may recall that the AP hates Sarah Palin. You may also recall that she called them out and called their actions evil when they posted the death photos of a young Marine in Afghanistan. She wrote:

Shame on the AP for purposely adding to the grieving family’s pain. Ignoring the family’s wishes by publishing a sacred image of their loved one proved a despicable and heartless act by the AP. The family said they didn’t want the photo published. AP, you did it anyway, and you know it was an evil thing to do.
She didn’t care about how that might effect the way that the AP covers her in the future. She called it like she saw it because she loves and respects the men and women in uniform. Do you think Huck or Mitt or any of the other gutless wonders in the GOP would call out the AP like that?

So, the AP found the perfect way to wreck her book roll out and stick it to her. They can print whatever they want and she can’t respond because of the “embargo” that was negotiated for who gets first dibs on interviews.

I’m sure she never thought that a sneak copy would get into the hands of people who hate her. They’re obviously lying about her book. You’ll notice that AP is careful not to quote anything from the book. Instead they just “frame” the narrative by writing, “the book includes... blah, blah, blah.” And, of course, it “includes” exactly the narrative according the AP’s view of Governor Palin.

This is golden for them. They are hoping to tell her story before she can tell it herself. They are hoping to define her before she can define herself. They can lie about her, and she can’t call them liars – at least not for a week until she is free of the embargo. And one week is a very, very long time in the new internet media age.

This is like the first week of September 2008 all over again. You remember that week – that was when the geniuses of the McCain campaign rolled out Governor Palin in Dayton, OH, and then hid her away and allowed the media to destroy her for days without any pushback or countering of all the lies being spread.

But there is one difference between September 2008 and now. She has an army of supporters now. We know the truth. We know who she is. If you’re wondering about that vetting bill story from yesterday, ask yourselves this – When has the McCain campaign ever behaved honorably or honestly with regards to Sarah Palin? When? Who are you going to believe?

So what can we ordinary barbarians do? We can fight back. We can rally around her.

Write letters to every newspaper that carries the AP stories. Remind them that the AP pulled a cowardly Pearl Harbor sneak attack on her. Remind them that Sarah Palin called out the AP when they posted the photos of a fallen Marine after his family begged them not to. Remind them that Sarah Palin has a right to have her memoir read by people without having the AP falsely frame her words.

Remember the words of Whittaker Chambers: too often conservatives, like cowards, leave their wounded on the battlefield. We won’t do that with her.

The motto of Conservatives4Palin is “We’ve got your back, Guv!” And we always have.

She can’t speak for herself now because of this “embargo.” So we’ll speak for her.

We won’t leave her on the battlefield. We’ll carry her.

Update: The AP admits to illegally obtaining the book:

AP, however, stands by its story. "We've read the book; we've read it carefully — and we stand by our reporting," Paul Colford, AP director of media relations, said Friday.

People who steal also lie.

Standing UP for their Woman & Keeping theirs and her powder dry

Of course like Sarah, Palin fans don't hesitate to "make things up", as the AP does not admit to illegally obtaining the book. They state that they bought the book. Now we know that some people were sent out books before the release of the book in order to preview it, such as Oprah & Barbara Walters, and I am sure that there were many others who got the book before it was released for sale. Now I doubt highly that these people were made to sign agreements to not give away or even sell their advance copies of the book. But no doubt that isn't the way the Palin fans see it.

How do they react to this affront to Sarah?

This is going to get really interesting. Are we about to bust the AP's chops for blatant bias yet again?
Next week all will be clearer

Please help to post lists and contact information of all organizations, news outlets, newspapers. blogs, etc that run with the AP lies. An important battle in the revolution of reclaiming America has begun. Let's make the public response to Letterman look like a tiptoe through the tulips.

Let's make all these leftist haters learn a valuable lesson for the future. Broadcasting LIES will have consequences.......revolutionary consequences. Busy, busy, busy.....our work is never done. Type...type...type

(What about the consequences when Sarah lies?)

Drudge quotes Rogue, he doesn't make stuff up.

Drudge is the real reporter. AP is the real Fake Reporter.

What a world!

I can't believe these bastards, they include Levi's mumblings because she didn't mention him. Schmidt does prove to be more of a weasel then we first thought, maybe McCain had the post
partum depression, that was the way he behaved.

Recovering Democrat
I think it's hilarious (if true) that she didn't include anything about Levi. Punk doesn't deserve the ink! And it works on two levels:
1. Sarah has more class than to publicly trash the father of her beloved grandson
2. It might make sane people conclude that she has some dirt on Levi, not the other way around, and that she is, indeed, keeping her powder dry. ha!

I've already seen some liberals saying that she did not trash Levi in the book because he has the goods on her and she did not want to provoke him into exposing the dirt.
Total crap.

Barbarian Foot Soldiers...To the Front Lines...
WE will Always Carry her...

If someone (in this case AP) does something illegal doesn't that mean that they pay a fine....or even go to jail? Just like Pelosi healthcare will do to those who do not have health insurance.

To be fair, we don't know if AP "stole" the book. No one is accusing Drudge of "stealing" it, right? Other than that AP sucks!

AP might have finally stubbed its own toe. In the past, they got away with making things up and never retracting, or putting the retractions on page 97 where nobody noticed. This time, Sarah's entire book will not be shoved to page 97. It will be a bestseller and millions will read the truth. The book is so attention grabbing right now that every page will be read and dissected. It's going to be impossible to "make things up" about what's in the book.

The truth will finally win out, and the whole world will notice AP's credibility going down the toilet

I LOVE what Sarah is doing. One by one the media will see her for who she REALLY is instead of the person they wanted to make people believe she was. She is going to show everyone the REAL Sarah. It's already started. Barbara Walters of all people saying what a terrific interview she just had. I bet now she regrets treating Sarah like crap. Barbara wasn't really a bater, but she did actually believe that Sarah said that she could see russia from her house when she NEVER said that. One by one she will gain back supporters, people who are moderate or people who have no opinion of her are gonna look at her and realize that she is smart, that she is not who the media said she was. The hard lefties, forget about them, they are too far gone to be saved, but everyone else, just watch, she will bring in lots of new supporters

Sarah just smacked Obama again..Read it on her facebook page..she is PISSED

And her facebook fans? Well they feel the same.

Mark Hill
typical of the media...the truth is, they cant stand it is a best seller and not even for sale yet...the hope this thwarts sales but hate to tell them, it wont, if anything it will sell even better...the great thing about the left is they never figure it out, the dumb get dumber.

Lynda Webster
A dems only defense tactic is slander. I'll give them credit for at least knowing they can't fight what's right and the facts.

Since they have no morals, they don't see themselves as doing anything wrong, just Replublicans.

John Joseph McEnery
I guarantee they already had a bad review written up before they even got their hands on your book. They pulled that with Glenn Beck's Comedy Tour this past Summer

Barbara Nesselrotte
We do not believe the media. We believe you. Don't let the dogs in. They don't have the stand up for what is right.

Anne Britton Raab
What do you expect from the News Media?? The truth?? Don't worry... we can decipher the truth from their lies!!

Bruce O. Axtell
You are more and more our Ester, God Bless You, Sara

Michael Tierney
Read it?...I'm going to memorize it! Please don't quit, we need you!

Hank McKeithan
We will keep our powder dry, our tomahawks sharp, and be vigilant. We have high respect for your views and low or no respect for the government-bought press and media that continue to attack your character and family. God Bless you and keep you.

Craig Sayre
I don't like the implications of the title of this message. It sounds vaguely threatening - like there is about to be a war or something. She's starting to sound like Pat Buchanan with his silly "Buchanan Brigades".

(I wonder how long before this post is deleted?)

Brenda M Ross
After Charles Gibson attacked you and your religion I have been boycotting ABC, CBS, NBC, and many other lying news medias. I even wrote FCC about the attack on religion made by Gibson and of course was told he had rights too. Bah humbug the news medias have violated my rights daily ever since but does any gov't official protect me, NO.

Eugene Schreiber
Sarah you have to file law suits against these people in court. Start with the Huffington Post and Letterman. Sue them for billions and shut them down. Fight back and do not take this treatment, please

Karla Gehlen
At long last, a book written by a truly intelligent woman, and an outstanding human being!! I cannot wait to read it to my daughter

(Wouldn't that be considered child abuse?)

Gary L. Farmer
Roger, Keep the powder dry and the aim true!
As a retired US Navy aviator (flew a lot of missions out of Alaska also) keep on hammering the liberals and their blatant socialist agendas. The core values of our country must be maintained and these incompetents and their lemmings need to disappear from public office at all levels.

Cathy Cormany
Will be at Walmart (or Costco) when they open, to grab my copy--and 'trash' the fake 'Going Rouge' wherever I find it.
Remember, Sarah's has the Facebook photo, the other is a
slam job done by MoveOn or some such crapshack. Make no mistake, when they slam her, it's US they are spitting at. Hard working, military supporting, flag flying, Christmas celebrating non-whining Americans. Pls come to So Cal. Sarah! Not all of us are fruits and nuts out here!

(Now there is the fans of Sarahs that we have come to know and love..willing to break the law for Sarah)

Okay enough of that. Lets just say you have now gotten a pretty good idea on how her fans are reacting to this situation. They refuse to accept that the AP is telling the truth about what is in the book, even though there is no reason to lie since the book will be out shortly anyhow. We know without question that Sarah is willing to lie, about anything and everything, and we know this because it has been proven time and again.
She lied about the Bridge to Nowhere, she lied about the Pipeline, She lied about the ethics complaints, she lied about Troopergate, she even lied on Oprah about not liking drama when she obviously feeds on it, she even lied to her fans about her "tweeting", since she never did start tweeting to them, in 10 days time, after she left office, and has even just blown off the twitter account she used to have, and started up a new one just for her book tour, when it is widely known that she could have simply kept the same account, changed her name and kept those same followers. These are but a few examples of the lies she tells, which are easily documented for all to see.

Her dedicated fans are those who cannot be reasoned with. They cannot be talked to and hope for a rational response because no matter what you say, how much proof you offer them, they will believe whatever Sarah tells them, without question. She could tell them that their own child was switched at birth and they would no doubt accept is as fact. These people are that dedicated to her. It is like a cult. Dangerous, and exceptionally amusing to watch at times, but sad that these are people who have decided to buy into the lie that is Sarah Palin.


  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlNovember 14, 2009 at 10:22 AM

    OMG! Hilarius!!!! especially dumbass juju!!!
    I can't wait until they find out she had a D & C!!!!!
    And that wasn't reported on her "medical records" released last!I love the sound of Little pea brains exploding!!!!!

  2. These folks should focus on keeping their pills dry instead of their powder!