Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sarah and her Followers Part I

Sarah is getting ready to go on her book tour, and she has finally put out her schedule through Thanksgiving.

Flyer for the upcoming Book Tour..Put your shades on 'cuz this one is BRIGHT

She has also let people know that she is on twitter once again.

Sarah's New Twitter Account

Name Sarah Palin
Location Alaska
Web Sarah's Facebook Page & Outlet for Ghostwritten commentary
Bio Former Governor of Alaska and Vice Presidential Nominee

As of this writing she has nearly 11,500 followers on her twitter account that hasn’t even been used yet..just set up in preparation for her book tour so she can keep the faithful updated on her thoughts as she travels to those little lesser known places throughout the usa.

Here are some of the comments from her beloved followers;

Governor Palin has Twitter! Governor Palin has Twitter!

Yesterday, 6:36:35 PM–

My sentiments exactly. I may or may not be doing the snoopy dance;)
Yesterday, 8:01:42 PM–

What is the twitter address??

Sarah 2012!
Yesterday, 8:28:23

YES!! YIPPEE! Tweet me! Tweet me! Tweet me! Three times thrice! Three times nice!

Yeah I had added Sarahpalinusa but I never knew if it was really hers or not..even though she has never posted there, now we all know its really her and she will start posting there soon. I wish Sarah would come to Los Angeles, I want to see her SO bad!!
Yesterday, 6:39:19

Life Is GOOD!!!!
Yesterday, 6:48:53


Remember how awesome Sarah's Tweets were as Governor?... she knows the language

Can' wait to see her tweet live blow by blow when she sees anything untruthful... I can hear it now... YOU LIE!--SMACK!
Yesterday, 7:10:37 PM

Yesterday, 7:16:25

Michigan, Ohio, PA, Indiana and Florida. She's running. :)

And thank God she's back on Twitter. You can bet she'll tweet daily while on her book tour.
Yesterday, 6:49:18

(I guess he thinks that these particular stops suggest that Sarah is doing a dry run for the next presidential election)

Three stops in Florida? there are at least three stars in the map..

Why such a concentration of effort? Hum.. could Rubio and Christ have something to do with it?
Yesterday, 7:17:45

There was a recent discussion on HA which said Florida will be the trickiest state for her to win. She might as well start doing some organizing from now. She can win the Bush states and those which Mccain lost(NC,VA,CO,IN) but Florida will pose a problem. Let's see.
Yesterday, 7:24:40

I have a feeling Governor Palin can get really creative with how she calls out the media/elites/Obama on Twitter.
Yesterday, 7:29:25

(Yep is sure does look like they think that this is a potential prequel to a possible presidential run for Sarah)

I had posted this on the open thread earlier....

Just as I suspected. You two would be plotting if the guv goes to Colorado.

"We could also have a sidebar with personal photos, video and write ups of experiences at book signings. All in one spot to have easy access.

This is important because if the Guv goes to say Cali, I want video of Mia knocking someone upside the head that shows up with an anti-Palin sign. Or if the guv goes to Colorado, I want a pic of Nancy and Cruela being questioned by security because they look like they are having to much fun standing in line for the 4th hour in a row.

Yeah, I want to see ALL those pics and videos in one easy to locate place."
Yesterday, 8:56:00

I hate to break it to Sarah but if she thinks she is going to get all the books signed at these locations, her hand will be killing her after 2 days.How do you sign 5000 to 10,000 books in 3 hours. A lot of people
are going to walk away diappointed.
Yesterday, 9:00:45

I got a feeling people you will want to get there early. HEck she may have to leave out to the next location leaving Bristol or Todd behind to finish off the previous stop. WOmen wouldn't mind Todd and the young gentlemaen wouldn't mind Bristol.
Yesterday, 9:03:43

Hopefully Todd will be there to work the line, talking to folks and taking pictures with them....just in case there's no more time for Sarah to sign.
Yesterday, 9:42:04

That is what bothers me a bit. Aside from the fact that these people would try and trap Sarah, so many interviews in so short a period will mean that they could cover the same territory and with babawawa and oprah doing these shows, it would mean focus will be on personal story and people will start complaining she's a celebrity, she's an airhead etc etc. I know this is not the time to do policy interviews but I think after this is over, she should take a gander at those. Maybe take a spot on some good radio show like Hugh hewitt( who's of right but not on the left's radar yet), and talk about policy and issues 10 min each day. Also ask him to challenger her once in a while, that way she'll be quite fluent with policy.
Yesterday, 9:37:58

I looked at the schedule of the 'Cuda's book tour and that is a tight schedule. I am going to start praying now for her stamina. 6 hours a day signing books for several days plus traveling that much. Wow. Good thing she is in shape. It is also good she will have a week off at Thanksgiving to rest up before the second half.

I know she is going to be signing books as fast as she can. I hope to get one. But if for some reason I don't at least I will get to see her. I know she will be working her butt off signing books so I will not be disappointed, upset or let down. I will get to see her again at a Perry campaign rally next year and get to hear her speak live.
Yesterday, 10:32:59

Sarah's Twitter now has over 10,000 followers. I estimate that her Facebook and Twitter followers will be over 1,000,000 combined in the next few days. Those kind of numbers would give President Obama a headache, as Sarah "the Migraine" Palin is now living rent free in his head.
Today, 9:30:33 AM

So as we can see, these folks are convinced that her book tour will be a rousing success, and they just are wet with excitement at the prospect of reading her "tweets" again. I bet that Shatner feels the same way~ ;)

It is also very obvious that many of them feel that she is doing a dry run for a presidential run for 2012. While that may well be in the plans, I have no doubt that Sarah misses the adoring crowds that came out to see her while she was on the campaign tour. Those kinds of massing crowds shouting your name can be heady stuff, and for Sarah who lives to be worshiped, it no doubt was addicting. I am also quite sure that is the reason for picking the places that she has on this book tour. Wherever she feels she will get the most adulation with the least amount of concern about negativity, that is where she will head. She can also claim that she is reaching out to those "real Americans" who understand her and are often left out, not like those folks in the "fake American" big cities and busy population centers where authors usually tour when promoting their books.

I personally am looking forward to reading those tweets. Perhaps they will be the 'less politically correct' tweets she promised her followers before she quit but never followed through on....until now some 3+ months laters (vs. the 10 days she foretold in her old twitter life).


  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlNovember 10, 2009 at 8:21 PM

    God!!! They are CLUELESS!!!!
    When is Darwin's law going to kick in???

  2. They are her adoring worshipers who will do anything, say anything..be anything she wants or needs them to be. They write poems about her, make "movies" about her, and will drive hours upon hours just to get the chance to see her in person.

    It truly is like a cult. I had originally considered them to be like groupies, but it has gone much further than that now. You see them on her facebook page, making threats against the sitting president, talking about
    "she is the only one who can save us". They are talking about a woman who could not even manage to stay in her job as Governor for an entire term, and yet they think somehow she is capable of leading the entire nation.

  3. crystalwolf aka caligrlNovember 11, 2009 at 1:06 PM

    The day she Quit was a absolute riot over there!
    Their heads were exploding some wanted to die!!!
    They are really sick and so is she! Same as the plagiarism episode, had Geoffrey Dunn not back down...they were truly like a group of ants that you pour salt in front of, running around wildly out of control!!!!
    Maybe Levi will be the ONE to stand up to her?

  4. It was amusing to watch them, the day she quit. They went from shock, to devastation, onto acceptance and then back again to adulation claiming they agreed that she was making the right choice.

  5. You are so right about this being like a cult! I'm old enough to remember Jonestown, and I think some of these folks would happily "drink the Kool-Aid" if Sarah said to drink it. *shudders*

  6. I too remember Jonestown, and you are right it is easy to see them following along with whatever she wanted them to do.

    It also reminds me of "The Family", in how they defend her as the savior of our country, similar to how the girls in the family were devoted to Charlie. Even after he was arrested, they maintained their devotion to him.