Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sarah & Fans Terrified People will read her book

That seems to be the reaction to people posting photocopies of a few of the pages of Sarah's latest series of lies.

OT - The Palingates web page had scanned pages from Sarah's book. I
checked a couple of books and that breaks copyright violation. If anybody knows
how to get screeenshots this needs to be sent to Sarah and Harper Collins
immediately. I can't find this site right now. I know it has ties with Celtic
Diva. Remember all sites are registered to somebody so they are responsible. If
anybody can find this Please do the screenshots. Today, 12:26:40 AM
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Please please. Somebody that knows how to do screenshots get these This
is one of the Alaskan Crew. It is odd that somebody breaking copyright laws try
to criticeze somebody else. Today, 12:36:19 AM
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Hot Hot Hot Celtic Diva did the
same Folks
by a couple of books I have looked at this is copyright violation. Please
somebody that can do screenshots get this to Sarah and Harper Collins ASAP.
Today, 12:41:19 AM
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Yes, it sounds like clear copyright violation. Will Sarah want to
sue those people? Maybe. Let her know. She should have that tool if she wants to
use it. (No, I haven't looked at that website, and won't.) You might be able to
create a pdf of it. Easy on a Mac by selecting print... then pdf. Today, 1:25:40
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people. I think Harper Collins not Sarah has the copyrights for this. SOunds
like it is easy on MAC. Any MAC people out there. Today, 1:46:05 AM
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Patty Hewes
These folks
would have to deal with Harper Collins not her. Today, 1:58:17 AM JeanA
HarperCollins Phone: 212-207-7000,
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Thanks JeanA. I just fear they will catch this and remove it from their
sites. With a screenshot from their sites they could remove but the damage is
done. Writing in their own words is one thing but I don't think it is legal to
put pages on-line. I just don't have the computer skills to do screenshots. I
have let Harper COllins know. Today, 1:05:05 AM–
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Patty Hewes
While viewing the "blog" press
the print screen key on your keyboard, Then open paint and paste it Today,
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tried but to no avail. If we can get to Harper Collins they will likely contact
the sites if it is illegal. As I said not a copyright attorney but the front of
the books I have all say this is a no no. Today, 1:28:57 AM–
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This was the reaction to a couple of pages of Sarah's book being linked to at the blog


So what happened?

Harper Collins attorney, Christopher Goff sent an email to Palingates and demanded that the photos of the book be taken down claiming copyright priviledge!


And as an additional note, the same notice was sent to Celtic Diva's Website

As you can see, I took the pages off the site. However, the real story here is this:

--The Senior Vice President of Harper Collins,


--Sent emails to two specific blogs, one little blog based in Alaska, another based overseas,

--ignoring the multiple other outlets (many of which were larger or were "Palin-positive") that have pages or "extensive excerpts" from her book on the site.

They didn't do this on their own. Palin picked the ones she wanted them to email. Perhaps not-so-coincidentally, my posts in question leaned towards fact-checking/lie-refuting than some of the others that were more for entertainment.

In other words, this was Palin-flattery!

I was once asked if, God forbid, Palin ever did become President, what would her first act be? I stated that she would gather up the considerable resources available to a U.S. President and use go after her "enemies" in Alaska and the media.

I rest my case.

And in light of all this, the question I have for Mr. Goss and HarperCollins: HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE PALIN'S BITCH?

Harper Collins Emails Celtic Diva's Blue Oasis

Now as you can imagine this has done far more to bring attention to these sites than it has to diminish viewership. Wonkette & Andrew Sullivan have both linked to Palingates which is bringing in tremendous amounts of hits to that blog.

So what is Sarah Palin, her fans & Harper Collins worried about? That people will read the lies she told in a couple of pages and won't want the book anymore? Or are they just worried that these lies will be exposed before Sarah has a chance to "explain her lies" during her interviews with Oprah & Barbara Walters? If anything they should be thrilled with the publicity, instead they are demanding removal of the offending material.

Oddly enough though they are only going after a select few bloggers, in fact only those bloggers that the Conservative4Palin fans cried about.

Yes folks, Sarah's fans are such huge crybabies that they complained to Sarah and Harper Collins for posting Sarah's own words! These same people who cry that Sarah is not given a fair shake are complaining when her words are shown in full. If excerpts were offered, no doubt they would cry that the excerpts were a false representation of what was said, something was taken out of context, so it seems that nohing makes them happy, unless you simply prostrate yourself before Sarah and worship on the ground she walks upon.

In other news, we've seen a few comments around the blogosphere that RAM aka Rebecca A. Mansour has been seen in Wasilla lately and is going to be working at the Palin compound once it is up and running.

You remember her don't you? She is one of the founding members of Conservatives4Palin, and is also the one who denied having an direct connection to Sarah Palin previously, and Meg Stapleton on behalf of Sarah Palin denied having any affiliation with Conservatives4Palin as well. Odd how it worked out that RAM ended up leaving her home in California for Alaska and is now in the employ of Sarah Palin.


  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlNovember 15, 2009 at 9:17 PM

    Excellent post Eye! It has been reported that the book ALREADY went to 2nd printing. Do you think they will hold up the release date and say the 1st ed. had to be corrected and release the 2nd ed. since there has be SO VERY many fact checking and buzz about her abortion(s)???
    What do you think?
    Or do you think it just normal b/c a hard cover book supposed to retail for $30. has been deeply discounted by Amazon to $9. and even being Given away FREE with certain right wing magazine subscriptions?
    Oh yeah! H/T to PEC NICE SCREENSHOT :D

  2. We don't know that it actually has gone for a second printing. There was a single blog report about that. So far Harper Collins has not confirmed that fact.

    If it should do so, I think that the reason will be that bulk sales helped to sell a large amount, and the major discount offered, 2/3 off list price, has helped sales. People who might not have been willing to spend nearly $30.00 to read this book, might be willing to spend $9.00

    You also have to take into account that Sarah's fans are not simply buying a single book either. There are hordes of them that are admitting to buying several book, and giving them out as gifts. Most of those took advantage of the pre-order offered, and are now going to also buy another one in response to the information that while Sarah is on her book tour, many book stores are asking you purchase a book from them for Sarah to sign.