Thursday, May 20, 2010

Drill Baby Drill Video/Song

Let's appoint a commission.
Try and place the blame.
Let's start legal maneuverings.
You know the game.

Withhold information
Don't let the public know
Limit Liability!
Meanwhile oil flows
Drill Baby Drill

So we sit and we talk
And talk some more
Start partisan bickering
Dead sea life washes ashore

Every minute wasted
On political games
Means more sea life lost
Have they gone insane?
Drill Baby Drill

Speedy Drilling Greed
Damaged blowout seal
70,000 barrels a day
Time to get real

As the Gulf Coast turns to dead zone
Devoid of all life
Oil Plume underwater
Too late to make it right
Drill Baby Drill

Damage Control! Damage Control!
That's all we can do
When will it end?
Nobody has a clue

Turn you back on Nature
Try and cover your A$$
testify to congress
They liked your campaign cash
Drill Baby Drill
Drill Baby Drill
Drill Baby Drill

You can download a copy of the song at the above listed link.  

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