Thursday, December 3, 2009

X-Box That Palin Signed is Back Again!

You guys remember this don't you? The X-Box that some young man had Sarah Palin sign during her final days as Governor of Alaska.

After that, it turned up on e-bay with the asking price starting at the low, low price of a cool million dollars. Well no real bids were ever offered and it was taken down from the e-bay listing and seemed to have vanished for a while.

It's Back!

The 360 which boldly bears the signature of the woman who isn't afraid to "go
rogue" has cropped up on Craigslist with a significant price reduction. The seller,
whose advertisement text matches the one from the original eBay auction exactly,
wants a mere $800 for the console which comes complete with its 60 GB hard
That's a savings of over 99%!


Wow, so the poor guy couldn't even get one of the devoted followers to give him $1,000.00 for that one of a kind XBox? Now it is in the bargin bin for the low, low, low, low, low price of $800.00!

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