Thursday, December 3, 2009

Responding to Sarah's Comments at College of the Ozarks

Sarah Palin received award for patriotism and spreading it

She absolutely deserves an award for “spreading it”. No one can “spread it” like Sarah!

Sarah Palin says she shares College of the Ozarks values- faith, hope and hard work.

Hahahahahahaha…Sarah & Hard work in the same sentence, stop it you’re killin’ me!!

C of O's Jerry Davis(president): "If all you know about Sarah Palin is what the so-called mainstream media has to say, you've got a lot to learn."

Boy you aren’t kidding. The main stream media hasn’t reported even half of the issues surrounding Sarah Palin. If you knew the truth about her it would be enough to run screaming for the door, curl your hair & your toes all at the same time. Her history is frightenly full of problems which have gone unreported or uninvestigated!

Jerry Davis just introduced Sarah Palin saying : "She has her hand on the heart beat of America,"

Actually Jerry, she has her hand out and reaching for the wallet of American’s. She only connects with people who are filled with fear and hate.

Palin says College of the Ozarks debt-free education should be model for the nation.

So Sarah are you suggesting that all colleges be free of tuition and just ask the kids to work xx amount of hours per week in exchange for tuition?

Sarah Palin says on College of the Ozarks: "Students here understand the meaning of work ethic and patriotism."

What a shame Sarah doesn’t understand work ethic & patriotism. Her idea of work ethic is pay someone else to do the work for her, and if she doesn’t like it or can’t take the heat from something she’ll quit faster than her husband can fly across the snow in his heavily sponsored snow machine.

Sarah says: working through college without loans "no big deal".

Sure they are “no big deal” if you are doing a community college and are planning on taking your time getting through college, and are able to find a job to not only pay your college bills but also pay enough to allow you to live while going through college.

Palin says never thought taking 5 yrs to get a 4-yr degree would be an issue until the "lame-stream" media took issue with it.

It may not have been an issue if you didn’t use that “degree” to attempt to bolster your supposed credentials for why you were more qualified than most to be given the VP slot.

Sarah says: I grew up with values in a town FAR from DC & Wall Street

Obviously since you grew up in small town east bumfuck Alaska, that would be quite a way aways from D.C & Wall Street.

Sarah says: Her experience of paying her way through is how college students should do today.

Wait, didn't you just suggest that college should be like the College of the Ozarks which would mean that there is no tuition? Do you even have a clue as to what you are saying?

Sarah says: "on my path I always prayed for guidance" "God works in such interesting ways"

Looks like he slammed that door to the presidency shut on you! Good for him!

Palin:"Despite what the media wants to..spin about my record...I will keep calling it as I see it."

The only spin on your record is coming from you. The media hasn’t been as tough on you as you would like everyone to believe. They have not dug into your actual record otherwise you would not be getting paid to give speechs like this one nor would you have gotten a million plus dollars to write a book!

SP: 'As ur spine is stiffened, the spines of others will be stiffened.'

You aren’t interested in “stiffening spines”, especially not among the male population, otherwise you would not use your looks & your sexuality the way you do in order to gain attention. But since that is the one thing you actually do have going for you, I guess you are going to use it & pay to keep it looking good for as long as you can just like most who rely on their looks to get by would do.

Palin is talking about work ethic & pushing one's self to better their lives. "I don't believe in coincidences," she said.

You don’t have a work ethic! If you did you wouldn’t have quit all those jobs. The only thing you have done to better your life is ask people to pay your way for you and that isn’t exactly doing it on your own, because if you didn’t have all those fools sending you money hand over fist, you’d still be just dumb ole’ Sarah from Wasilla. Sarah cites journalism degree: "

So much has changed in the world of journalism since then...Holy Moly!"

You are right about that. There is less true investigative journalism going on now then there used to be, but then again that works to your benefit. Of course we know that you don’t have even a basic grasp of what things mean since you have stated that the press questioning you on things you have said or on your record somehow in your world equates to stifling your free speech

Palin - Speaking of going rogue & her days of fishing, she states they noticed "Only dead fish go w/ the flow"

Not true…lot’s of things “go with the flow”. It isn’t only dead fish that do that.

Sarah says: During her time on city council, Palin said she refused to go along with the flow of town elders. "I kind of went rogue, even back then.

"What you really mean is that you wanted things done your way. You have always been a “it’s my way or the highway” kinda gal haven’t you? Now we have you admitting it.

Sarah Palin - Highlighting the importance of starting in politics @ the local level & how it shaped her political views today.

Your politics were shaped by corrupt people in your local government and you became one of them.

Sarah Palin:Calls self mix of federalist, Jeffersonian.

Sarah, can you actually tell anyone what that means or are you simply using more buzz words that you don’t understand (like usual)

Sarah says "everyone is fighting a battle, mine just happen to be on the front page of the paper"

Perhaps your battles that are being played out in the headlines are done so in large part because you want it that way. You love seeing your name in the news. You are after all the one who has People magazine on speed dial right?

Sarah calls veep nod "honor of a lifetime" she doesn't regret but outlining sacrifices she had to make.

You did not make any sacrifices, your family did so all because of your ego in thinking you were even remotely ready or qualified to be the VP.

Sarah says: "it was interesting to see the media spin my life"

It was even more interesting to see YOU spin your life.

Palin highlights the importance of politicians not losing their touch w/ local folks who actually put them there in the 1st place!

You mean like how you promised ethics reform and failed to deliver even though it was the people who elected you holding you accountable and you spent your time putting them down, calling them names and generally belittling them? Or how you did nothing for the people in the villages when they were asking for months for help because they were making the choice between feeding their families or keeping them warm? Or how you ignored the Medicaid/Medicare problem and people died, nearly 300 of them while you were Governor? You mean not losing touch with those kind of people?

Palin now on 4th mention of media, says "media isn't fond of common sense conservative values." But adds she's not whining.

Sarah, when you constantly complain about the media, and blame them for all your woes, and then have to tell people that you aren’t whining….YOU’RE WHINING!

"I thought the worst skeleton in my closet was a D in macroeconomics"

I think you mean that you wished that was the worst skeleton that was in your closet!

Palin also says during the campaign, "the media did spin" her lifestory into "something unrecognizable." Can't imagine why media is barred.

Well, we know that the truth is unrecognizable to you so that shouldn’t be a shocker to anyone that you feel that way!

SP: much media coverage 'waste of ink.'

In your opinion, it is a waste of ink unless they are writing the lies you want told, otherwise if they happen to print the truth which isn’t what you want told then naturally you feel it was a waste of ink.

Sarah says: "so much has changed for me after the election"

The real you was shown to everyone and when you returned to Alaska you had an over inflated ego and a huge chip on your shoulder along with a bloated sense of self worth which in turn caused you to think that everyone else should be doing things your way rather than working together to effect positive changes (as you say)

Sarah says: "new partisan politics caused governing of Alaska to a halt" "I wanted to serve the people of Alaska not cost them"

If you didn’t want to play partisan politics then why did you? If you didn’t want to cost the people of Alaska, then why were you charging them to live in your own house and not the Governor’s mansion? Why were you charging them to fly your kids all over hell and creation for reasons that had NOTHING to do with state business?

Sarah says: she returned home from campaign trail to new political rivals, bringing Alaska gov't to a "grinding halt."

Typical Sarah, blame everyone else.

Sarah says: ethics chgs were 'game being played.

'Wait, weren’t you the one who changed the ethics laws because you didn’t like the fact that you could not tell people publicly about ethics charges when you brought them against Randy R? Seems you didn’t like them being made public when they were against you but when it was you bringing them against someone else you wanted them to be made public!

Sarah is getting to why she quit: "We spent about 80% of our time fending off frivilous lawsuits."


Sarah says: "you don't need a title to affect positive change"

If you don’t need a title then why do you insist on one? You cling to it like a little child clinging to a favored blanket that keeps the monsters at bay.

Palin says she prayed about how to stop "the hurt and paralysis" in her state. "Calling the audible has worked for my state," she says.

You should have listened more closely. God was telling you to stop behaving unethically and to work with people instead of demanding your own way all the time. I guess the right of the cash drawer drowned out that conversation God was trying to have with you.

On resigning: God has 'so blessed that decision.'

You worship the almighty dollar now, not God Almighty and you have proven it time and again since you QUIT .

"my dad said she's not retiring, she's reloading"

It doesn’t seem like your dad was able to teach you much more than how to shoot blame around at everyone in sight and to lie better than a dead fish that has been washed up on the shore, so I wouldn’t take anything he says for gospel.

says she resigned "with no scandals running me out of office, despite what the media desperately wanted to find.

"No, no scandals, …ummm, well except the fact that people were dying on your watch, you had illegally accepted donations for yourself and your family to pay for whatever you felt like, and the fact that a bi-partisan legislative investigation found you guilty of abusing your powers, plus a lawsuit that charges bribery and breaking the laws of the state of Alaska …just to name a few…so no nothing to see here folks!

"we face tremendous challenges but history shows we come out stronger"

No thanks to people like you who would turn this country on its head and send up back to the dark ages!

Sarah says US at crossrds in 'economic, military n values oriented battles.'

No we are not at a crossroads. We need to work on bringing this country away from the edge of the abyss that Bush left it in.

"[WW2 vets] are Americans and we need to hear from them"

Are you suggesting that anyone is trying to silence them?

"this country was founded on free market principles but some in Washington are questioning"

Some in government are rightly questioning the greed that has taken place in the free market like Health Care. Insurance companies are those “death panels” you have spoken of, and they are freely willing to put their bottom line above the health and well being of anyone out there. We have industry insiders who have already admitted to this practice.

"we got here because of government interference in the first place"

You mean like government getting involved in abortion and things like that? Or are you okay with government involvement as long as you agree with it?

now turning to issues, says "misplaced government interference" caused economic crisis, "not our free-market principles."

You obviously don’t know what you are talking about so why don’t you take a class or twenty and get yourself up to speed on what is going on in the world around you. You know there is more to life than Wasilla AK, and no it is NOT a microcosm of America.

" when we're in a hole (financially), you stop digging"

You more than anyone else needs to heed this advice!

Palin says WWII vets of the Greatest Generation don't "apologize for being Americans"-- a shot at Obama.

No one has ever apologized for being an American. Get the facts before you start spouting off.

"Things crashed...darnit... in the midst of our campaign." "John McCain and I placed 2nd out of 2."


"oh how I wish our elected leaders would have studied at hard work university" #CofO motto

You being the number one former elected official who could have used this advice!

says it's beyond ridiculous to complain about last administration's spending when Obama has spent 4 times more."

It is beyond ridiculous for you to pretend you even know what you are talking about.

"don't saddle our children with debt"

No one wants to do this. Grow up and get some new talking points, these really are getting old and lame, almost as old and as lame as this speech!

Palin is now throwing a little anti-gov't red meat: "This debt, to me, is generational theft."

Well since her husband has been a member of an anti-government group for years on end, and she has shown a preference towards that kind of group, it really isn’t too surprising that she would throw a little red meat to these groups. It is what she does. That and play the victim violin for all its worth!

Sarah, why don't you ask the Alaskan natives what they think "generational theft" means.

"learn to help your neighbor and youself"

When have you EVER helped “your neighbors”? You are all about helping yourself and you know it. Give me money for this, give me money for that, pay me to live in my own home, pay me to take my kids all over whenever I feel like it, want a photo with me? It’s gonna cost you!

says America needs to return to its "pioneering values" ... "They are needed now more than ever."

Yes, because the old west is really the ideal lifestyle that we need to return to! NOT!

"I believe government was never meant to take care of us" "when it does, it ends up robbing us"

This from the woman who was the Governor of the State who needed the most help from the federal government, and who regularly sought earmarks for her town and state from the government.

"I want Americans to learn accurate history in school"

What are they learning that isn’t accurate? Please expand on this notion.

"I see leaders questioning our goodness" "leadership in DC feel the need to apologize"

We need to be questioned, we should not walk around with an ego like yours. This is a world with more than just us in it and we need to work together with these people and NOT act like we are the end all be all to greatness. And if we are wrong about something we damned well should apologise for it. It shows we can admit to mistakes. No one is perfect and we as a country certainly aren't.

redchatter People in upper deck openly talking during SP speech.

Really is that any surprise? This is just a reworked, warmed over rehash of what she said in her book and it is basically the exact same things she has been saying all over, every time she gives a speech. People are bored, no one wants to hear the exact same thing all the time but that is all she’s got to give.

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