Monday, July 19, 2010

**Update On Seepage**

It has been confirmed that the "seepage" that was reported yesterday is at a distance of two miles away from the well and is unrelated to the drilling/wellhead.

Also updated is the total to date collected animals

Alive: 1232
Dead: 2283
  Released:  534

Alive: 5
Dead: 62
  Released:  1

Sea Turtles
Alive: 213
Dead: 472
  Released: 11

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  1. HI,
    Here's a link to a report done by WKRG-CBS in Mobile relating to the quality of water/oil at several locations, including where children are being allowed to play. It's long and I hope it works. I'm not good at linking.
    Basically it seems to be saying that even if the water looks OK, it may not be.
    Hope your Mom is doing OK.
    Take care,