Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tea Party Signs From Boston

Sarah addresses the crowd of teabaggers today in Boston at the Tea Party Express Rally

Aside from those there to see Sarah and express their outrage at the government, there were others there as well and here are a few photos from those who decided to attend the rally today. 

Seems to me that many of these "teabaggers" didn't have rallies protesting government spending when G.W. Bush was president and spending untold amounts of money on wars......where were they then?

Ah, what a novel concept, .....

And of course one of my favorites

Now you'll notice with this next one that the lady (and I use the term loosely) with the yellow arrow sign felt the need to insult someone who was not being derogatory nor in the way of the rally at all.

And I love the fact that these particular "protesters" told everyone that they had cookies at their tea party.

Here is a ireport from cnn which shows both sides of the rally:

Now one of the things that struck me was when Sarah Palin made a point of mentioning (@ 2:46 in the video) that she and most who were there, like her own friends and family were "independents" and specifically mentioned her husband Todd.

Now we know, without question that Todd only recently registered as an "Independent".   From 1985 to 2002 Todd was a registered AIP (Alaskan Independence Party) member who changed his voting status when Sarah started to run for office.  We also know that she wanted to lie to people about this fact during the Presidential election in 2008.    This is not the first time she has lied or twisted the facts nor will it be the last time as we know it is a common occurrence with her.

We'll delve into that another time.


  1. I like the sign to the right of the yellow arrow woman..."our tea party has cookies" wondering how many people know that background on that!

  2. How many people know exactly who is behind the Tea Party Express and why Palin only attends rallies where they are present?

    Anyone see Keith Olbermann last night? There's big money behind the Tundra Twit. Republican money, lobbying money, but its effect is to split the Republican party. I like it. Means another win for our President in 2012, because they have NOTHING, esp in this lunatic.

  3. Anonymous,
    I posted about it in the topic below this one, I included both the video clip from Keith Olberman and the link to Politico which has the story and the documentation.

    Now having said that, most tea party members are not willing to listen to facts and reason, so I doubt most will take the time to find out who is behind Sarah and the Tea Party Express.