Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sarah Reacts Yet Again!

As was reported previously, Sarah Palin sent her daughter to be the attack dog for this latest round of playing victim to anything and everything possible, perhaps just to keep her face in the media.

Here is the story from start to finish.

The friction was laid bare in August when Mr. Emanuel showed up at a weekly strategy session featuring liberal groups and White House aides. Some attendees said they were planning to air ads attacking conservative Democrats who were balking at Mr. Obama's health-care overhaul.

"F—ing retarded," Mr. Emanuel scolded the group, according to several participants. He warned them not to alienate lawmakers whose votes would be needed on health care and other top legislative items.

WSJ Reports Chief of Staff Draws Fire From Left as Obama Falters

Now you will note that Mr. Emanuel did not say ..."you are fucking retarded", he did not say "Democrats are fucking retarded", he stated his opinion of their plan 'fucking retarded'.

Now this happened last August, 5 months before it made the headlines, and 5 months prior to Sarah posting her (or her ghostwritten) facebook rant about it.

So what happens next is hardly surprising. Sarah gets wind of this and she feels the need (or her people feel) the need to respond.

This was the rant posted on her facebook account:

Are You Capable of Decency, Rahm Emanuel?

Monday, February 1, 2010 at 8:32pm

The newly-released mind-boggling, record-smashing $3,400,000,000,000 federal budget invites plenty of opportunity to debate the merits of incurring more and more debt that will drown the next generation of Americans. Never has it been possible to spend your way out of debt. So... let the debate begin.

Included in the debate process will be opportunities for our president to deliberate internally the wisdom of this debt explosion, along with other economic, military and social issues facing our country. Our president will discuss these important issues with Democrat leaders and those within his inner circle. I would ask the president to show decency in this process by eliminating one member of that inner circle, Mr. Rahm Emanuel, and not allow Rahm’s continued indecent tactics to cloud efforts. Yes, Rahm is known for his caustic, crude references about those with whom he disagrees, but his recent tirade against participants in a strategy session was such a strong slap in many American faces that our president is doing himself a disservice by seeming to condone Rahm’s recent sick and offensive tactic.

The Obama Administration’s Chief of Staff scolded participants, calling them, “F---ing retarded,” according to several participants, as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Just as we’d be appalled if any public figure of Rahm’s stature ever used the “N-word” or other such inappropriate language, Rahm’s slur on all God’s children with cognitive and developmental disabilities – and the people who love them – is unacceptable, and it’s heartbreaking.

A patriot in North Andover, Massachusetts, notified me of Rahm’s “retarded” slam. I join this gentleman, who is the father of a beautiful child born with Down Syndrome, in asking why the Special Olympics, National Down Syndrome Society and other groups condemning Rahm’s degrading scolding have been completely ignored by the White House. No comment from his boss, the president?

As my friend in North Andover says, “This isn’t about politics; it’s about decency. I am not speaking as a political figure but as a parent and as an everyday American wanting my child to grow up in a country free from mindless prejudice and discrimination, free from gratuitous insults of people who are ostensibly smart enough to know better... Have you no sense of decency, sir?”

Mr. President, you can do better, and our country deserves better.

- Sarah Palin

Wow such righteous indignation from someone about name-calling. I sure hope she's never done anything like that previously.
So anyhow, reports are that Rahm apologised.

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel has apologized for referring to liberals as "retarded" during a strategy session last summer.

A White House official said Emanuel called Tim Shriver, the CEO of the Special Olympics, last week after his comments were reported in a Wall Street Journal article and prompted Shriver to write him to express "dismay" over Emanuel's word choice.

"Rahm called Tim Shriver Wednesday to apologize and the apology was accepted," a White House aide said. "The White House remains committed to addressing the concerns and needs of Americans living with disabilities and recognizes that derogatory remarks demean us all."

Rahm Emanuel Apologizes for Retarded Remark

Well, Rush Limbaugh had to weigh in on the matter.

"Our political correct society is acting like some giant insult’s taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards," Limbaugh said on the show. "I mean these people, these liberal activists are kooks.

"They are loony tunes. And I’m not going to apologize for it, I’m just quoting Emanuel. It’s in the news," he continued.

"I think their big news is he’s out there calling Obama’s number one supporters f’ing retards. So now there’s going to be a meeting. There’s going to be a retard summit at the White House. Much like the beer summit between Obama and Gates and that cop in Cambridge."

Rush Limbaugh on Rahm Emanuel 'retarded' comment: Liberals are 'retards,'

So Sarah is called out on this, asking for her response to Rush's behavior and use of the term retards, because you would think that she would be consistent wouldn't you? If she is going to call one person out about the use of that term from 5 months prior, she will no doubt be chomping at the bit to let loose another demand for Rush to be taken off the air and or reprimanded for his use of the word....right?

Well you would be wrong if you thought for one second that Sarah would be consistent and fair in her attacks. Hardly surprising really as she has proven over time that she is a total hypocrite (we will get more into that one later on).

Did Sarah come out and condemn Rush for his use of the word retard? Did she speak out about it on facebook? Did she write an op-ed decrying its use? No. In fact she had to be asked for a comment on it. Someone had to contact her and get a statement from her because she was obviously not going to make a statement on her own.

Greg Sargent contacted Meg Stapleton and this was the email reply he got:

“Governor Palin believes crude and demeaning name calling at the expense of others is disrespectful.”

Deceptive Headline: Palin Camp Rips Limbaugh, Hits His “Retard” Comment As “Crude And Demeaning”

Palin did not "rip" anyone with that, in fact she could not have softballed it any more if she tried, but hey she like all the others out there are terrified of Rush and getting on his bad side so they will walk on eggshells to avoid upsetting him if at all possible, and after the poutrage that flowed from the facebook rant against Rahm, Palin obviously was trying to not come off as a total tool & hypocrite (epic fail on that one Sarah) so Rush was conveniently lumped into the collective "anyone" department and passed off as it was just not a big deal that he was using the term on his radio program, over and over again, while what Rahm did, behind closed doors more than 5 months ago was much, much more egregious.

Well, much to Greg Sargents surprise, the Palin camp threw a hissy fit about what he wrote and actually accused him of a secret plot to help the White House.

Palin Camp Walk-Back Fail: Wow! Sarah Palin’s spokesperson is now accusing yours truly of trying to help the White House by quoting her criticizing Rush Limbaugh. She claims Palin opposes all uses of the word “retarded,” no matter who employs it.

Okay…so what? That includes Rush, right? This is beyond absurd. Here’s what happened: I asked the Palin camp for comment on Rush’s repeated use of the word “retard,” and her spokesperson emailed back that “Palin believes crude and demeaning name calling at the expense of others is disrespectful.”

Palin’s spokesperson knew she was responding directly to what Rush said. Period. Indeed, the Daily News framed this exactly as I did. If Palin’s spox wants to say Palin doesn’t believe what Rush said was “crude and demeaning name-calling,” I’ll be the first to print it.

The Morning Plum

Bwahahahahahahahaha.....this is just priceless. Sarah and Meg are afraid of Rush.

Well, moving onwards into the disturbed and questionable mental state of Sarah Palin.

Here is part of the transcript from Sarah's interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday which was taped prior to the Tea Party Speech she gave, in which she again talks about Rahm Emanuel, Rush Limbaugh and the retard comment along with her reactions.

WALLACE: White House Chief of Staff -- you mention him -- Rahm Emanuel. You called him out. He used the "R" word. He said, "retarded." He has now apologized for using that word, met with activists, said he's going to join the campaign to try to eliminate use of that word --

PALIN: Oh, you know, Rahm Emanuel, I think he had some indecent and insensitive ways of being, including his language. And as I said for a variety go reasons, giving the President poor advice and his heavy handedness. I think he should step down.

I'm not politically correct. I am not one to be a word police. But I do believe that his insensitivity, in a time when I had just promised in my GOP convention speech that those with special needs and families and those who love those with special needs would have a friend, and a advocate in the White House if John McCain and I were so blessed as to be elected.

That didn't stop me because our votes didn't carry the day, we didn't win. That didn't stop my passion, my commitment to reaching out and to helping the special needs community when they asked for it. And they did ask for it on this one. They reached out to me and said, can you kind of highlight the problem that we have the White House, with both the President and his Chief of Staff being so insensitive to the special needs community. And I said, I'm here. Send me. I will do so.

WALLACE: OK. But Rush Limbaugh weighed in this week. And he said this:

"Our politically correct society is acting like some giant insult's taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards."

PALIN: He was satirical (ph) in that --

WALLACE: Wait a minute, let me finish.


WALLACE: "I mean, these people, these liberal activists are quote, kooks." Should Rush Limbaugh apologize?

PALIN: They are kooks, so I agree with Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh was using satire to bring attention to what this politically correct --

WALLACE: But he used the "R" word.

PALIN: Using satire. Name calling by anyone -- I teach this to my children, you teach it to your children and your grandchildren, too. Name calling by anyone, it's just unnecessary. It just wastes time.
Let's speak to the issues and --

WALLACE: But you know what some people are going to say, Governor, and have said. They say, look, when it's her political adversary Rahm Emanuel, she's going to call him out, he's indecent, apologize. But when it's a political friend like Rush Limbaugh, oh it's satire

PALIN: I didn't hear Rush Limbaugh calling a group of people whom he did not agree with "F-ing retards." And we did know that Rahm Emanuel, it's been reported, did say that. That's a big difference there.

But again, name calling, using language that is insensitive by anyone -- male, female, Republican, Democrat, it's unnecessary, it's inappropriate and let's all just grow up.

TRANSCRIPT: Fox News Sunday Interview With Sarah Palin

Two things, does Sarah have no comprehension and is she just plain dumb? She says that she didn't hear Rush calling a bunch of people he didn't agree with "F-ing Retards".

What part of "Our politically correct society is acting like some giant insult's taken place by calling a bunch of people who are retards, retards." does she not grasp? Is she really this stupid? The answer to that question is answered by point number 2.

Sarah says...But again, name calling, using language that is insensitive by anyone -- male, female, Republican, Democrat, it's unnecessary, it's inappropriate and let's all just grow up.
This after she just got done calling people Kooks! She agreed with Rush that people that she and he don't like or agree with are Kooks! But then again Sarah has a history of being a hypocrite and she isn't above name calling when it suits her purpose.

So, now Sarah has not only responded on Facebook to the Family Guy episode, which was not demeaning to Trig at all, in fact it showed just how like everyone else a person with Down Syndrome could be, but that didn't stop Sarah from reacting to the one comment that could indeed be mistaken as talking about her (and she was in fact never mentioned by name).

Since I have already posted about the Facebook comment from the Palin camp, we'll move right along to the latest round in this affair.

Sarah Palin shows up on Bill O'Reilly. Now it was claimed previously that she was going to talk about Iran on the show. This is exactly what was posted on Foxnews/oreilly.com

Tuesday, February 16:
Sarah Palin on how America should deal with Iran
• Plus, how Obama balances his family duties with being president!


but instead she was focused on the Family Guy show, and the Tea Party & Extremism.
(she was honored to speak to the teabaggers and never saw or encountered any extremism, if you happen to go to the 'oreilly' website and watch the other video where she is speaking about the Tea Party, you'll notice she also has no problems with Bill calling some people "Loons", so again her poutrage is selective when it comes to name calling )

So let's go over some Sarah Palin history with name calling shall we?

Here Sarah is on a radio program with local Alaska radio show hosts "Bob & Mark", on their show. This is January of 2008.

She laughs while these radio hosts called Palin's political rival a bitch and a cancer on the progress of Alaska. She never once asked them to stop, in fact she stated she would be honored to have these two men visit her.

Sarah, where was your outrage at the name calling? It was no where to be seen. You did not stop and comment that the name calling then was inappropriate and uncalled for, instead you laughed. You didn't even call them on it later after you were taken to task by the locals about your behavior, instead you made a private call to Lyda and apologised, or so you said, but the fact remains you condoned that behavior because it was vitriol aimed at someone you don't like, just like you condoned Rush's behavior calling it "satire", when a comedy program gets your poutrage!

I seem to recall you also had no problem calling bloggers "pathetic, pajama wearing basement dwellers" when you didn't like them point out your lies and misrepresentations either.

Lets face it Sarah, YOU ARE A HYPOCRITE!


  1. Another great duplicity for Sarah is that she advocates for the free speech for birthers, baggers and nazis in the same show where she criticizes a cartoon and a political adversary for exercising their free speech rights. I also recall Sarah getting her panties in a wad this summer when a comedian made some inappropriate jokes. Free speech, my arse!

  2. If you watch the Family Guy episode, it seems like the girl with Down's Syndrome is strong, clever and empowered. In fact, one might say that she was using satire when she stated the Governor was her mother and the accountant was her father. He was too dumb to catch it so who was fooling who?? The best gotcha for Sarah was the remark about the accountant. The rumors run rampant that Track's father was an old boyfriend who happened to be an accountant!

  3. No, the rumors are that Track's father was an old boyfriend who happened to be a dentist and then later an orthodontist.

  4. crystalwolf aka caligrlFebruary 17, 2010 at 1:56 PM

    Palin is a effing hypocrite and Rahm is probably LHAO and saying you can put fucking lipstick on a pig and it will still be a fucking pig...lol!
    You just know they are LTAO at this faux indignation!
    Yes Palin and her crowd believe in free speech for them only...you know "Rill 'murkians"!
    And yes, she is fucking retarded, also...too!

  5. The fact is that Sarah Palin believes in Free Speech for everyone except those who disagree with her.

    She doesn't understand the First Amendment, and certainly doesn't grasp the concept of free speech.

    She is divisive and hateful, and people need to do everything possible to show her record and history which disproves every claim she makes about herself.