Monday, October 12, 2009

Time To Get Started!

Standing up for our nation is an idea that everyone can get behind, but it has different meanings to different people. For me, it means standing up and making my own voice heard, knowing that one person can make a difference. It means making sure that our leaders do what is in the best interest of all of us, not just some of us. It means taking a stand for what is right, even when that stand is not popular.

There have been plenty of times when I worried about voicing my own opinion because I knew that it would not be a welcome voice, and so I kept silent. We can no longer afford to keep silent. We absolutely must make our voices heard, make our wishes known, and keep shouting until we are heard.

There are going to be times when it is hard, when it will seem like the majority does not agree with you, but that cannot stop you from making your feelings known. You cannot allow those who fight against what is right to silence you.

So tell me, what does it mean to you, to stand up for our nation?


  1. crystalwolf aka caligrlOctober 12, 2009 at 9:16 AM

    I am reading the book, "the Family" and it is telling about I guess you would call this guy the first dominionist in the 30's, they are religious, controlling, capitalists, anti-union...I was shocked this was going on then! I think its time to take back our country from the domionists/Religious right that are anti-union and want to enslave us and their CEO's enjoy all the perks. They hate unions b/c that cuts into their profits. They hide behind the mask of Christianity, but there is nothing Christian about them. And they would love nothing more, to replace the Constitution with Biblical Law! We need to Stand up and take our country Back. Most of them are GOP and surprisingly hold positions as congressmen/women, Senate, Big Buisness/Oil industry. For 79 yrs they have been infesting our nation. I don't know of any other countries except the Muslim countries, where Muslim Law rules. We have our own American Taliban! Lets smash it!!!

  2. Count me in. I cannot express my self the way you two have but I'm with you. I am not religious, I'm spiritual. But what I hear out of their mouths "in the name of God" is unbelievable. On Sept. 11th they said they did it "in the name of God". Do they think they are right because they are American ?

  3. I think that there are those who really believe that we are "One nation under God" and that we should absolutely follow the "laws of God" above all else.

    That can be a frightening prospect especially if you are one who doesn't believe in God.

    I truly believe that we all want what is best for our country, the heart of the problem is that what we believe is so vastly different that it will always be a problem.

  4. First thing we can do is band together to expose Queen Palin and her constant lies. She is dangerous and really frightening in what she incites in people She unites no one. She is devisive in everything she does. She needs to be shut down for good.

  5. First I've got to stand up for myself - why in the world would you leave nailinpalinnow off your blogroll?

    Anyhow, this will be fun.

  6. It means standing up for the civil rights of everyone and exposing those who deny them, our court system, district attorneys, legislators, employers, corporations, bigots. We have thousands in this country in prisons who are innocent, mentally ill, addicted, and others who should not have been there to begin with for low level crimes. This is becaue corporations are making money off them. Legislation has been shaped by corporations to support this. Why is there no outcry? People are tortured and denied medical care eveyday in prisons, yet we only hear about the violations the military and CIA commited against "enemy combatants". When my LGBT brothers and sisters are denied their civil rights my rights are threatened, we have to change that now. I am autistic and hoping the next wave of civil rights after LGBT will be for autistics, workplace bullying, and support for autistics in the workplace who have unique skills to offer.

  7. Helen, My mistake and it will be fixed immediately! :/

  8. Yay, thanks - also linking. Looking forward to SUFONing.